The Change

Remembering things from the past is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you are living in the past. On the contrary, it is essential to remember certain things in life. Things that have helped you in becoming what you are today; in shaping you as a person, as an individual and as the way you are. People you met, things you learned, places you visited, things that inspired you, things that made you realize a hell lot of other things! All this is unquestionably – priceless.  All this gives the meaning to your Life which it should get. In other words, the essence of memories shall not lose its place in your life.

The journey on which you are moving ahead, the path you have walked cannot be ignored. Some things and some people make a great impact on you, that it changes you completely. For good or bad, you cannot judge immediately, but for once it does. Later on, you have the power to make a decision, to choose whether you want to change back or you are happy with it. But then again, change is quintessential! You cannot do away with it.

Change is a part of our lives, since the time we were born until we die. Just like learning. And even learning brings change, helps us to grow as an individual in every aspect. The point which I want to make is that do not run away from any kind of change, you will not be able to! Accept things as they come to you and then move ahead with a happy feeling.  That’s life. People come in our lives, some stay, some don’t. Everybody teaches something, you just need to realize or understand the lesson.

For instance, remember your first crush? I’m sure you do! Even your first crush induced some new feelings in you, taught you how it feels “to like” someone, be it for any reason. Friends teach you about sharing and caring, keeping each other’s secrets, being there in happy and sad times alike. There are many people – your parents, your siblings, your first love, everything and everyone teaches you something and changes you in bits and pieces.

The memories you make along the journey of life are important to keep. Good or bad, they are all essential. Collectively, they have built you and will continue to do so in future…

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