serenity and nothing more

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”

is it wrong to feel at peace?
is it so wrong to find comfort in numbing silence?
is it wrong to say ‘Tranquility’ out loud?
is it wrong to enjoy a little ‘Serenity’?

when someone hurts you
and then leaves
going away with so much zeal…
disposing the memories in junk machine
what is left?
serenity and nothing else

when i was happy
you were not.
never gave it much of a thought
didn’t bother then
so don’t bother now
lemme show you how

emptiness that you created
made it easier to appreciate,
things which i ignored before
things which demand more
more of me
me, myself and i
so don’t ask why
what i want?
serenity and nothing more

let me be me
by my side
the ocean rocks and tide
no no it is still quiet

a moment here
a moment there
wherever you asked
i was always there

now its my time
its my life
only me
only i
by the shore
tranquility and nothing else
what i want?
serenity and nothing more
serenity and nothing more


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