A New Beginning…

A big hello to my fellow bloggers and the world…..!!!!!!

My first official post for blogging101. So technically this should have been my first blog post, but no. I have been blogging since a month now. And to see what all I have blogged about, please read my previous post.

So yes, this is my attempt at telling you all about myself and why do I really blog?? Lets see…

Who am I?

This is currently an anonymous blog, and I intend to keep it that way at least for the time being. That’s why I can’t divulge much details about myself.  Sorry to disappoint! I can only tell that I am a simple girl with complex thoughts which always make me question – society and its rules, universe and its existence, destiny and its meaning, etc. That’s why I call myself Realist Rebel, so let’s just keep it this way (for the moment) shall we!

Also, as I have already mentioned this in one of my posts before, so I can disclose this much – I belong to India. That’s all I can spill for now. Mystery is intriguing, isn’t it ?!

Why Am I Here?

My Trysts With Reality (Realist Rebel’s Perception) is the name of my blog. Just tried adding a twist to the otherwise regular life’s rendezvous with the good, bad and ugly ! In short : Realist Rebel questioning life itself, trying to understand it, analyze it and telling it to the world. Hence “my perception”.

Reasons for blogging :

  • I love writing. I believe writing is the best form of communication.
  • Sometimes all you can do to vent out, is write.
  • Everything cannot be said out loud.
  • This could be a journey to discover “the other side of me”.
  • Poetry : ’cause writing what I feel is not enough. My thoughts should come out wrapped in beautiful words, flying on the wings of a magic carpet….called Imagination.
  • Feedback, discussions, et al. All this can only happen here.
  • Looking forward to read the work of fellow bloggers. We are in this together! Cheers!

Until Next Time,

Stay Tuned 😉

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