Found Poetry – Poster


© Realist Rebel

This is my found, found poetry! Collage in form of poetry. Didn’t know it was a Poetic form. Thanks to Writing 201.
I decided to turn it into a poster instead of making it like a regular collage.
I have used ‘Brunch’ which is a supplement magazine of The HT newspaper. Tried making a poem out of words found in the various titles of the magazine articles.
So how does it look? Does the poem make any sense? Lemme know how would you interpret it!
Also, if anyone feels inspired enough, try finding a poem of your own and share. (You can add a pingback.) 🙂

12 thoughts on “Found Poetry – Poster

  1. Most enjoyable and it does remind me of my foray into French surrealist poets who used that same device extensively. In the end it is just another form of automatic writing allowing you to open your heart, and bare your soul. Are those memories linked to dark secrets always painless? And if discovered, will you ever regain your innocence, your anonymity? Until later…


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