The Ugly “Wall”

When someone asks you to think about walls, what comes into your mind? Before I reveal what hit me when I wondered about walls, lemme tell you I desperately searched my camera album and even browsed through old pictures thinking I might accidentally stumble upon any “wall” picture to share with you guys. But nope, that certainly didn’t happen! Then I realized I never click pictures only of walls (unless there are people standing in front of them!). Although, yes, I might have clicked a few pictures of old walls of archaeological or heritage sites found here in India; I do like a good piece of work, like those beautifully engraved and carefully carved intricate patterns found on the stone walls of The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, etc.
PS: I’m not good at describing those things so pardon me!

Then again what else comes to mind? Well, I kind of took it metaphorically you can say. Walls. Fences. Borders. Man-made barriers. A way of marking a territory.

But what do they really mean? In the real world? Continents, countries, states, cities….everything is divided. Long story short, I don’t like such “walls”. And yes, all borders are ugly. They are just messy.


The India-Pakistan border appears as an orange line in a photo taken by the crew on International Space Station.

Ok, so this is like, even the ALIENS can see the “apparent” divide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure it looks nice from space, but it is after all, just another border.

fencing constructed along the indo - pakistan border - fao chris

The floodlit border fencing built through the Indian government since 2003 is so bright it can be seen from space

Yeah, so the floodlights are probably good for surveillance and all…. that’s it, I wont say much.

I sometimes wish someone would go back in time and undo all this. And instead of War, just spread Love.

अमन की आशा – Aman Ki Asha (Hope for Peace)

This post was in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge Prompt : Wall (Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.)

13 thoughts on “The Ugly “Wall”

  1. Lol about the aliens seeing the border from space, hehe. When you first ask what do I first think of the word “wall,” a mental block first came to mind. So my first impression links to the mind. Hmmm. Some walls are beautiful in mind especially historic ones who stood the test of time (I am currently doing a series on these). It is true they may represent division and conquer but I feel it protected others as well.

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    • The line about the aliens was the immediate thought that came to me when I saw the first pic, lol.
      You are right. Walls represent many different things. This was just one small perception of mine. There are always two sides to the same coin. But when it comes to such complicated issues, even two sides are not suffice. But you are also right about the protection. 🙂
      N hey do share the link of historic walls you were talking about!


  2. I really appreciate all the different takes on this Wall prompt. Your photo and description about how these things look from space reminds me of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who returned to Earth after 5 or 6 months on ISS where he had somehow tweeted photos almost daily showing us other ways to look at the world and the ‘divisions’ between people on it. Thanks for this.

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