The Monthly Ketch-Up

Hi there!

By now those of you who have been following my blog know what this post is gonna be about! But if you don’t then fear not, this is The Monthly Ketch-Up aka Catch-Up of my blog; listing my posts and activities of the previous month. Pretty neat idea, ain’t it? 😉

Well maybe that’s why I got The Real Neat Blog Award too, lol. There is also The Blog Tour Award in which I have mentioned what am I currently working on, and things about my inspiration, creative writing, etc.

Have a look…Read…Enjoy!

The Monthly Ketch-Up : March 2015

The third month of my blogging…. Let’s start with a good news. I have finished my blogging101 course finally!! Yayy me!! 😀 (that was my second attempt, so pheww)

Now on to some stats. Again made 15 posts (like last month), finally crossed 100 followers (yippie) and also crossed total 500 likes! Definitely happy. 😀 So a big hearty thank you guys, it all means a lot. I’m glad that I have such great readers and supporters. Much love. ❤ ❤ ❤

What else had I been busy with in the past month? Watched a few movies, but didn’t really do any Movie Reviews; nothing seemed to be worth writing about! Hmm…. Oh ya, also went to my college, my Alma mater after a long time…. So much has changed there!! A new learning wing has been added, parking space and another building still under construction, but the sad part: the neighbour college closed their canteen. Me and my friends used to hang out there most of the time whenever we felt like having South Indian food and coffee. Ah, those wonderful days! Felt nostalgic with mixed feelings, sad and happy and… I don’t know! You get it right? I’m sure you do. 🙂

Ok, so back on track. Time to reveal the most popular post of march (with highest likes of course!)

It is The Ugly “Wall” (also the best of all time, hehe). This was in response to the daily-prompt: Wall. I really loved all the different takes on this particular prompt, they all were very interesting, inspiring and we all got to learn something from each other. The best thing about blogging, right? 🙂 So do read it once, I’m sure you would learn something new.

Summary of blogging 101:

Wrote a whole post for my introduction! It is a fun post, also answered things like why I blog and more about my blog. You can check out Introduction Revisited.

Then updated my About page. Feedback welcome. 😀

Also tweaked my blog name and tagline a bit (shhhh…. not a big deal!) 😛

And most importantly, added all kinds of widgets and gave more options for you guys to follow me (please do!). There is a FB page and twitter as well. So please please, check all that out.(like, share, you know how it works,  hehe) Thanks! 😀

Silly Poem Series

Wind In My Hair (the best of the silly poems)

Fly Away (something to cheer you up)

More Silly Poems (8 parts so far. Also, these are not silly, just a name! I write about nature or various elements of nature in this particular series.)

More Poetry

Well, from last month’s Writing201, I didnt experiment with Found Poetry. This time I did! Don’t miss this! Found Poetry – Poster

Poetry 101 Rehab

We all were missing Writing 201 so badly, thanks to Mara Eastern, this Rehab made it easier for us addicts to survive! 😀

In The End, At Last. (This was a two-fold response to the prompt ‘End’.)

Thaw or Not To Thaw (Experimented with Shakespeare style! for the prompt ‘Thaw’)

The Right Thing (Well, not so right, just from the heart! For the prompt ‘Right’.)

Seconds’ Worth (Short and precise. For the prompt ‘Second’)

Flash Fiction / Stories

The most important feature of the month! Introduction of a new category for this blog: Fiction. (ta-da!) It’s just the beginning, and I hope I will keep writing and keep-up with the expectations. *fingers crossed*

So far, I have written:

The End…? (A short story) (Just the first part)

50 Word Stories (First attempt 3 stories)

50 Word Stories (Second attempt 2 stories)

For Next Month :

Have signed up for Writing 101, it would be a fun thing am guessing! Also it means more posts. 😀
Look out for more Poetry and the follow up to the story I started.

Let’s wrap it up (who likes unnecessary long posts, I know I don’t!) 😀

So Stay Tuned,

Have fun.

Until Next Time… ❤

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