No. Just No.


What it means to say No

What it’s like to break a heart

To tell someone they won’t get what they want.

How to say No to someone in Need

Someone who is close indeed.


No. No is just a word when You Say it.

No is like the shutting of a door

For the one who gets to hear it.

They will have to look for another

And suffer some more.


Everything every time cannot be a yes

There has to be a No

A place or world without No

Is a place which doesn’t exist.

Or does it

It existed for me.


I was too afraid

To say No:

When that little word

Became that horrible feeling

Of breaking someone’s heart.

I was too afraid

To say No:

When I didn’t wanna lose the person.

I was too afraid

To say No:

When I thought

If the person hears it

They are never coming back.


Maybe not.

But if that were to be

I was better off without.


Wish I knew it sooner

But now also

I am too afraid

To say No.

I don’t say No

When I don’t wanna break No hearts

Simply because I Know the feeling

I Know the pain

I Know No.

In response to Poetry 101 Rehab: Prompt – No

A to Z

Another day has gone by, unnoticed and wry.

Beyond the eyes can see, there is another me.

Could someone tell, what happened here in hell?

Days are getting lonely, and nights not so heavenly.

Every hour makes it worse, wishing it were just a curse.

Fear of the world haunts me, everyone still taunts me.

God will surely punish them, and banish them too.

Have faith and you’ll see, how lucky I’ll be.

Poetic Form: Acrostic

Poetic Device: Internal Rhyme