Friendships, Feelings And More


“It’s all about Trust.
Sharing your feelings with friends…
To say or not to say???”
– Realist Rebel

There are many friendships which go way beyond the usual hunky-dory hang outs and chilling together. Most people are of the category who have back-ups for their necessary outgoing “social life”. Can we really call them “friends”??

Maybe those are the kind who are known as a “fair-weathered friend”.

There is another kind. Who come a little far from the previous type. The expression “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, probably got inspired from them.

And then there are some, very rare species these days, friends who have a connection. A real one. Who can really understand what the other is saying or not saying. Such friendships, if found, must be treasured for life.

Some people talk a lot yet say very little. 

They will go on and on, just incessantly blabbering away about everyday nothings and never truly reveal what they are feeling. Such people are either hiding something or they don’t trust you enough to talk about personal stuff.

Some people talk less yet manage to say a lot.

They remain quiet usually. But when they talk everything makes sense. They wont directly reveal their feelings but if you listen closely, you might just be able to figure out.

Yup there are other kinds too. Talk and say a lot at the same time or do neither!

Well, the neither case would be extreme but, you never know… Some people just prefer to remain silent altogether. Usually they do it around the people they don’t trust at all. Not even a bit.

And then there are people who are a mixture of the above mentioned types!!

Maybe I’m the mixture kind! 😀

But honestly, I feel this has got more to do with the person I’m talking to rather than what kind of a person I am, which decides how and what am I gonna talk about with them.

eg. I will truly reveal my feelings (most of it) only when I trust the other person and believe that they really care and bother to hear me out! (And not because they need some material for gossip…yeah BEWARE of THAT type! Seriously.)

I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do or not, maybe it’s right for me or whatever! But this is what I do, this is what I am. I trust my gut feeling and instincts or intuition or anything you wanna call it, and just go with it.

When someone shares their feelings, I respect that person and if they are telling something in confidence (like a secret), never ever break their trust.

I love my friends (the few true friends I have) and I really do treasure them.

When they tell me how they feel (however direct or indirect) it feels good that they trust me. And when I share my feelings, it feels good that I have someone who cares.

Cheers to friendship!

I hope everyone has a friend they can be themselves with.

And is the same type as you are! 😛 (You should be so lucky!!)

Much Love,

– Realist Rebel ❤

7 thoughts on “Friendships, Feelings And More

  1. As I age [gracefully, hehe] my experiences taught me the value of friendship and communication. I am the type who has many acquaintances and few friends but the few friends are like family. I really do appreciate them.

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  2. Seems we have something else in common! I tend to be very quiet around people I don’t know, and I find it so hard to make friends. I often think I give off the impression that I am unfriendly, or even arrogant, by being so “unfriendly” to people – that makes me even less inclined to get to know them. Yet, if people do try to get to know me, and if I feel like I can open up to them, magic happens! Is this because I can only open up to so few people in this world, or should I try harder to make friends? I tend to follow my gut feelings when it comes to making friends but sometimes I wish I had more of them and didn’t find it so hard to speak to strangers …

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    • Oh wow another similarity! Totally understand the arrogant vibe you talking about! N you know, in my case that magic only happens when my friends try to get to know me first and make the efforts! 😀
      And trust me, I have tried to be more friendly with people and forced myself to talk nicely with strangers, but doesn’t help. I mean those friendships don’t stay for too long. Hence it is always better to go with the gut feeling. 🙂

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