Truth Behind “Moved On”

There are different things that different people want from us. It’s up to us to decide who is worth all the trouble. On the contrary, finding out what we really want, is precisely the most important and most tedious task to be accomplished.

Always heard about guiding Angels and guiding Light that lead us and show us the way to get through the difficulties we are facing. But in reality, one day we wake up and see what we have been looking for doesn’t even exist! Then nothing and nobody can help. Being here in this world alone and facing every problem with a brave and positive attitude is what we need to do just about every day. I mean, we can’t deny this fact that someday we need to give up on “fairy tale” happy ending myths; and the belief of “prince charming” sweeping you off your feet….. ain’t really gonna happen that way! Barring a few exceptions of course, but let’s get real.

When the time comes to face the reality, everything is supposed to change; but obviously it doesn’t. There is no magic wand that would change everything as quickly as we wish it to. Yet somehow, we forget – forget that amidst all the growing up, moving on and facing reality, there remains a part inside us which still wants and craves for the things we wanted; exactly the way we wanted them – the perfect way.

Yes, the reality check here would be to search ourselves, look within to find out the truth behind the crap, “oh chill! I have moved on man!” – What can be the truth? Is it so easy to move on? Even if it’s not, yet somehow most of us get there. But later don’t really bother to see deep down and realize just how much we got hurt in the process. The feelings which were curbed down, the thoughts that were brushed aside, the memories which were sacked and pushed in the corner, the emotions that were tied down and the desires which were brutally killed – altogether did the damage that they could to the heart and the soul which eventually stopped living.

Moving on is not a joke. It’s neither easy nor difficult. It’s basically the only choice left when someone leaves or we leave someone. Yes it applies in both cases. Anybody saying otherwise would be lying.

Also, the duration for moving on varies for people. Time required to finally get over someone, can’t be estimated. But one thing is for sure, 100% recovery isn’t done when you think it’s done. There are times in our lives, when we can really surprise ourselves. There can be a possibility that we may realize that all this time we didn’t really move on; we only thought we did. Just not giving the same amount of attention to that person anymore in our lives doesn’t mean that we don’t want those things anymore which we always wanted. People make mistakes, poor judgments, unrealistic expectations, but hey, it can’t always work as one sided! A relationship has to be a two-way street at all times. Even if a person is supporting the other, it can only work if the latter is willing to accept it. Otherwise it would be like banging your head against a wall and you’ll only end up hurting yourself.

There is nothing wrong in (still) wanting the things we craved for earlier. Moving on only says that we are strong enough to let go. It doesn’t mean the end of the world or end of love and relationships.  Some things and people are just not meant to be with us. Maybe they belong with someone else, maybe it’s not the right timing or maybe it’s something else. That is part of life. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t have happened since everything happens for a reason. Besides, it’s an integral part of growing up and being mature about things; all this without losing faith and hope. So rather than just saying “moved on”, we should really do move on with life and live it the way we want; without worrying about anybody else. After all, we get only one life; make every moment count.

The Ugly “Wall”

When someone asks you to think about walls, what comes into your mind? Before I reveal what hit me when I wondered about walls, lemme tell you I desperately searched my camera album and even browsed through old pictures thinking I might accidentally stumble upon any “wall” picture to share with you guys. But nope, that certainly didn’t happen! Then I realized I never click pictures only of walls (unless there are people standing in front of them!). Although, yes, I might have clicked a few pictures of old walls of archaeological or heritage sites found here in India; I do like a good piece of work, like those beautifully engraved and carefully carved intricate patterns found on the stone walls of The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, etc.
PS: I’m not good at describing those things so pardon me!

Then again what else comes to mind? Well, I kind of took it metaphorically you can say. Walls. Fences. Borders. Man-made barriers. A way of marking a territory.

But what do they really mean? In the real world? Continents, countries, states, cities….everything is divided. Long story short, I don’t like such “walls”. And yes, all borders are ugly. They are just messy.


The India-Pakistan border appears as an orange line in a photo taken by the crew on International Space Station.

Ok, so this is like, even the ALIENS can see the “apparent” divide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure it looks nice from space, but it is after all, just another border.

fencing constructed along the indo - pakistan border - fao chris

The floodlit border fencing built through the Indian government since 2003 is so bright it can be seen from space

Yeah, so the floodlights are probably good for surveillance and all…. that’s it, I wont say much.

I sometimes wish someone would go back in time and undo all this. And instead of War, just spread Love.

अमन की आशा – Aman Ki Asha (Hope for Peace)

This post was in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge Prompt : Wall (Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.)

10 Sentences on Love

Noirfifre invited me to write a post on  “What is Love in ten sentences”. And each sentence should be of 4 words each. She also asked me to sum it up with my favorite quote on Love.

This is a bit of a challenge, what can I say about love which hasn’t been said already and that too with the limitation of 40 words! These are just random thoughts which came to me when I think about Love. According to me, love is the purest and most honest form of emotion which starts with our parents and…oops that’s not how am supposed to put it! So here goes…

Hearts-love-31834306-492-327 Love is God’s Magic
Love’s an Illogical Logic
Love’s Shade in Sunshine
Love is Eternally Divine
Love is Mesmerizing Beauty
Love is Heart’s Rainbow
Love’s a Silent Language
Love is Soul’s Music
Love is Rooted Deep
Love’s All We Need.

Truly, Love cant be contained in words. Love is limitless, boundless and infinite. Love doesn’t require any reason or season to be shown, its just there always.

Now, I have to share my favorite love quote as well. Again a difficult challenge. Being a Quotation Junkie, choosing just a single quote is one hell of a task for me! Luckily I came across this one recently. wpid-screenshot_2015-03-07-02-47-2122.jpg.jpeg

But you asked for a quote…. I really like this one:


Ok so I have completed the challenge. I thank Noir for inviting me, as this post is because of her, otherwise I wouldn’t have done this! 😀

Time to nominate 10-12 other bloggers to spread love on WordPress.

You have to do the same. Write about Love in 10 sentences, 4 words each. Sum it up with your favorite love quote and further nominate other 10-12 bloggers.

Carry on bloggers…..

Keep spreading the love!

🙂 🙂 🙂

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect (A Poem)

Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: Alliteration


© Realist Rebel

Yeah so I drew this butterfly the other day. I know, I know, I sketch like a 5 year old! Or even worse! But I really hope the poem am sharing isn’t as bad. Please lemme know what you think!
So here goes…

Slow n steady: life full of boredom,
A caterpillar can’t do stuff at random.
Until it gets beautiful wings,
And sees world’s full of things.
Then begins a journey fuelled with freedom…

Dance It Out

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Just last week at a family function – which is a kind of get-together – and of course here in India, we have those quite often. We just need a reason, and sometimes even make one up to throw a party or get-together. Ah, and don’t you just love such relatives….
So anyway there was nothing much to do at the function. Me and two of my cousins decided to hit the dance floor. Didn’t even care about having food (I was kinda hungry and grumpy – well bad mood can do it to you!), didn’t care that it was freezing cold, we were outside – in peak winter, under the night sky, and even the bonfire couldn’t stop us from going away in the direction of the sound of music!

We were out there enjoying the music, feeling happy and care free, just dancing away like no one was watching. Just so you know there was a video-camera guy capturing everything and I hate such things; I call them “the party poppers”!! Even they couldn’t stop me from having my share of fun. 🙂


Dance it out. Yup, that’s the way to rejuvenate for me. Of course it’s not a coincidence that I’m a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan! I hope Grey’s fans would agree with me about the theory of dancing it out or having a 30 second dance party…  And I genuinely love listening to dance music to lift my mood and spirits up, singing along and then actually dancing to those tunes (since always, i.e. way before I got to know about “dance it out”). And oh my, believe me, it is refreshing, rejuvenating, exhilarating and what not!!!!

So go ahead, tune in to some dance music, funny/happy songs or something, and there you have it! You would feel your mood getting lighter and your feet tapping away to the beats of the rhythm.
Just go with the flow baby. Just dance it out !! 😉

Think Twice

It’s a matter of time before how things really get intense and more often than not, out of hand. And it’s not always necessary that you are conscious enough to realize it in time or before it’s too late. On the contrary, you are more likely to realize it when you have already lost the bet. Hence it’s wise to think twice before taking your decisions, not after, otherwise it would only be like crying over spilt milk, and you can’t really do anything other than crying then, can you?

Realization can be a hard process. There are always triggers and signs you ought not to miss. Perhaps there shall lay another story round the corner, just like yours, to catch up and learn early, but then for how long can you rely on fairy tales or other people’s lives to show you the way? Hanging around the mess others create to learn how to straighten out your own, will not be considered smart. It would indeed be just the opposite. Watch out!

The More You See, The Less You Know

Have you ever wondered, if we wouldn’t have been living this life, then where we would have been?

This question strikes almost every inquisitive mind once in a lifetime.

Perhaps the question is wrong in itself. Instead, we should ask ourselves, are we really where we actually belong?

Are we there yet?

Thought provoking thought, isn’t it?! It’s quite amusing to wonder about as well. This would all make sense only if someone found the answers; if not all, then at least some of them.

As someone aptly said:

“the problem is not the problem; the problem is our attitude towards the problem.”

Hence, try changing your attitude once, who knows, you might finally find that all your answers were lying around in front of you – exactly where you have been looking (too closely to even notice) before.

Behavior-o-logy !!

Isn’t it ironic that people try to be at their best behavior during social interactions with the outside world, when clearly they should be more careful about the things they say to those who are really close to them – family and friends.

Because people who will feel hurt by your behavior and words, would be the ones who are attached to you emotionally; and not those who may be good to you on your face but bitch about you behind your back.

People who truly care for you, and value what you think/say – they are the ones who genuinely deserve your best behavior.

So go ahead, give them the best of you, and surely they’ll appreciate and treasure it more than you could ever imagine. 🙂

Being Insomniac

Let me be clear – this has got nothing to do with Enrique Iglesias or his album insomniac; although he used to be one of my favorite artistes once upon a time! This is about really being insomniac, like literally. We usually don’t give much thought to why we are not able to sleep at night, which could turn out to be a cause of concern at times. Some people joke about it by saying things like, “oh you can’t sleep at night? You must be in love!” (which is an absurd assumption, trust me). How can it be the only reason? Or lately I have heard a new logic that “legend says, if you can’t sleep at night it means you are awake in someone else’s dreams!” No matter how cute, adorable or lovely it may seem, I’m sure we all know it’s not the truth. Hence, let’s try to find out some real answers.

To begin with, I would like to state that I love my sleep. I don’t like anyone disturbing my sleep no matter what. But then also I feel insomniac most of the times. Proper sleep at proper time is the most important thing for a human body; just giving it rest so as to recharge for the next day. If you are sleep deprived then it’s a bad sign and you would be low on energy.

Being Insomniac may have tons of reasons, different for different people. But if we talk in general, most of the teenagers, youngsters and even elder people can face it. Just to be clear, I haven’t done any research, but have seen many people going through this problem. Yes, it can be a big problem if neglected for too long. Hence needs attention.

Now some of the reasons can be – thinking too much, not being able to finish off work, studies, peer-pressure and to sum it up: the most common reason is STRESS. The present lifestyle is such that it leads to things like sleeplessness and depression. And if we take a closer look, it’s almost a vicious circle of sorts; which is why insomnia is hard to get rid of.

So what should you do to get sleep on time? As far as I’m concerned, my usual time pass in such a case is listening to music. This has even increased my fondness for music – which has in fact become an essential part of my life. But lately this has stopped working as a lullaby. It might even sometime work in a totally opposite manner. Just depends on the genre of music you are listening to. Usually soft/light, slow tracks help you sleep better or faster. Back in my PG days, one such track on my playlist was “Fireflies – Owl city”.  And there was “Bella’s Lullaby” (so any instrumental would be just fine). It really helped me sleep most of the times.

Apart from music, one of the oldest techniques would definitely be Reading. Any kind of heavy or boring stuff can help anyone doze off! When I was a student, I was advised to read any of my course books which I used to find boring; as it’s supposed to induce sleep! Might help in some cases so definitely worth a try!

Surely there are many-many ways like: count sheep, drink warm milk, keep all your screen gadgets out of the bedroom and most importantly, relax. In the long run, real solution would be eating right and exercising (usually the solution for most of our problems!).

Recently I stumbled upon this article on the net. It’s about the 4-7-8 technique to fall asleep fast. Sharing the link. Might be of some help. Do let me know. 😉

Still need more solutions? Keep reading this article again and again, and surely you would want to catch up with some sleep instead!!

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!! 🙂

The Change

Remembering things from the past is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you are living in the past. On the contrary, it is essential to remember certain things in life. Things that have helped you in becoming what you are today; in shaping you as a person, as an individual and as the way you are. People you met, things you learned, places you visited, things that inspired you, things that made you realize a hell lot of other things! All this is unquestionably – priceless.  All this gives the meaning to your Life which it should get. In other words, the essence of memories shall not lose its place in your life.

The journey on which you are moving ahead, the path you have walked cannot be ignored. Some things and some people make a great impact on you, that it changes you completely. For good or bad, you cannot judge immediately, but for once it does. Later on, you have the power to make a decision, to choose whether you want to change back or you are happy with it. But then again, change is quintessential! You cannot do away with it.

Change is a part of our lives, since the time we were born until we die. Just like learning. And even learning brings change, helps us to grow as an individual in every aspect. The point which I want to make is that do not run away from any kind of change, you will not be able to! Accept things as they come to you and then move ahead with a happy feeling.  That’s life. People come in our lives, some stay, some don’t. Everybody teaches something, you just need to realize or understand the lesson.

For instance, remember your first crush? I’m sure you do! Even your first crush induced some new feelings in you, taught you how it feels “to like” someone, be it for any reason. Friends teach you about sharing and caring, keeping each other’s secrets, being there in happy and sad times alike. There are many people – your parents, your siblings, your first love, everything and everyone teaches you something and changes you in bits and pieces.

The memories you make along the journey of life are important to keep. Good or bad, they are all essential. Collectively, they have built you and will continue to do so in future…