The Last Straw

Finally the bubble burst.
When something you believed in, you believed something to be true,
and all of a sudden you come to know it was a lie….
And you can’t tell it to anyone since the truth isn’t yours to share.

Living in a bubble is comforting. It is reassuring.
If everything else is going wrong you at least think that one thing is in place.
But no. It never was.

Sick n tired of knowing.
There are some things I don’t need to know.
I want to live in my bubble. My perfect world.

But I can’t anymore. I can’t because of the truth.
I can’t be the pigeon who chose to close his eyes when he saw the cat coming.
Or maybe I’m. Coz I don’t really have a choice, do I?
It sucks. Everything sucks.

And yet again. As always.
Life goes on…

Uncharted Territory

There are times when I don’t know what to write. Much like the times when I can’t figure out what to do, which option to choose and which to forego.

Difficult times. running away isn’t an option. Every other door is closed. Desperately trying to figure out where the window might be…

Funny thing about making decisions (life changing ones) is that you know once you give in, you are done. There is no going back, no do overs. That is what makes it all the more challenging.

But the real question here is to see how long can you avoid the inevitable.

The quest of the unknown continues…

PS: This is also sort of an apology for not being regular with my posts. I kinda have been caught up in my own mind! Gonna try to be regular now. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Much love ❤

– Realist Rebel

Think Twice

It’s a matter of time before how things really get intense and more often than not, out of hand. And it’s not always necessary that you are conscious enough to realize it in time or before it’s too late. On the contrary, you are more likely to realize it when you have already lost the bet. Hence it’s wise to think twice before taking your decisions, not after, otherwise it would only be like crying over spilt milk, and you can’t really do anything other than crying then, can you?

Realization can be a hard process. There are always triggers and signs you ought not to miss. Perhaps there shall lay another story round the corner, just like yours, to catch up and learn early, but then for how long can you rely on fairy tales or other people’s lives to show you the way? Hanging around the mess others create to learn how to straighten out your own, will not be considered smart. It would indeed be just the opposite. Watch out!

The More You See, The Less You Know

Have you ever wondered, if we wouldn’t have been living this life, then where we would have been?

This question strikes almost every inquisitive mind once in a lifetime.

Perhaps the question is wrong in itself. Instead, we should ask ourselves, are we really where we actually belong?

Are we there yet?

Thought provoking thought, isn’t it?! It’s quite amusing to wonder about as well. This would all make sense only if someone found the answers; if not all, then at least some of them.

As someone aptly said:

“the problem is not the problem; the problem is our attitude towards the problem.”

Hence, try changing your attitude once, who knows, you might finally find that all your answers were lying around in front of you – exactly where you have been looking (too closely to even notice) before.

Behavior-o-logy !!

Isn’t it ironic that people try to be at their best behavior during social interactions with the outside world, when clearly they should be more careful about the things they say to those who are really close to them – family and friends.

Because people who will feel hurt by your behavior and words, would be the ones who are attached to you emotionally; and not those who may be good to you on your face but bitch about you behind your back.

People who truly care for you, and value what you think/say – they are the ones who genuinely deserve your best behavior.

So go ahead, give them the best of you, and surely they’ll appreciate and treasure it more than you could ever imagine. 🙂

Another Drama

There are times when you feel you are going in the right direction. However slow you might be going, but you are going to get there. Then suddenly, boom! Something happens, you see something, you feel it’s a sign, and everything you have been doing till now feels wrong. So wrong, that even you yourself start questioning the path you have taken.

Why isn’t there a better way to know for sure that yes! Yes, you are on the right track? It has had been so difficult to take that decision already, of moving on, of forgetting the past (only been trying, not succeeding) that now anything which even hints that all this has been for nothing, sends me into a frenzy.

It scares me now. How many times is history going to repeat itself? I’m tired of the games destiny has been playing with me. My life must be a cosmic joke to the universe! Whenever I feel, ‘all right now, this is it.’ At the exact same moment, life throws another curve ball. The drama continues.

After all Shakespeare was right:

“All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.”

Let’s just keep playing our roles.

Que sera, sera.


Have you ever experienced something which felt unreal? Ever felt what happened in reality was like a dream? I did. The past few days went by so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to pause and ponder that what is going on?! Like something which was forced over me. Some kind of evil power at work. i wasn’t able to think or use my head properly. Like it was some sort of dream and reality was different. I had lost my senses. Living in a bubble. Experienced another world, a different zone altogether. It was so creepy now that i think about it. How could i possibly let it happen? What made me blind? What made me paralyzed? What made me stop using my brain?

The whole matter went about in front of me like it was some sort of motion picture and i was a mere spectator. Now i want to slap myself for letting it happen in the first place. I wish i could go in time and fix everything, stop myself from doing what i accidentally let happen, just erasing everything i could. It just feels like the worst nightmare of all times. What was it? I was acting on some kind of imagination? Some fragment of my imagination popped out of my head and started dancing in front of me that i couldn’t judge right from wrong, truth from lie, real from imaginary! It felt just like I was hypnotized and someone else was controlling my actions and my brain as well. Surreal.

What could possibly be the logical explanation behind all this? I still am in shock; unable to believe it was all real. Such kind of incidents are not supposed to happen to good people. But then who made that rule? Who decides such stuff? Where and what is the truth? The quest continues…