Found Poetry – Poster


© Realist Rebel

This is my found, found poetry! Collage in form of poetry. Didn’t know it was a Poetic form. Thanks to Writing 201.
I decided to turn it into a poster instead of making it like a regular collage.
I have used ‘Brunch’ which is a supplement magazine of The HT newspaper. Tried making a poem out of words found in the various titles of the magazine articles.
So how does it look? Does the poem make any sense? Lemme know how would you interpret it!
Also, if anyone feels inspired enough, try finding a poem of your own and share. (You can add a pingback.) 🙂

Future Calling

How times have changed from beginning to end
Who knows the difference between virtual and real
What is the next social media trend
Is virtual the new real or real the new virtual?

What are we leaving for future generations
Personal touch too or touch too personal?
Making it really difficult to deal with
The future vision and to vision future

Where are we headed; what path are we on
Time to do right and be strong
World could not see more wrong

We are the human race, not racing humans.
Leave a little love, compassion and humanity
For a beautiful future of virtual reality.

Writing 201 Assignment
Prompt: Future
Form: Sonnet
Device: Chiasmus

On The Go

Writing 201 Assignment
Prompt: Landscape
Form: Found Poetry
Device: Enumeratio

I know I know, Writing 201 Poetry course has almost ended (feeling sad), but I’m gonna stretch it over the weekend since I have to complete two more assignments. It has been a great learning experience, hope it has been the same for you all. 🙂

This assignment was rather a tricky one. As how to combine all the three given elements in one poem, was a little confusing, So I had to let go one of the elements (found poetry). This is the first time I have eliminated any of the three given elements. But not to worry, I will definitely experiment with Found Poetry some other time. As for the device enumeratio, I hope I haven’t used it too much! 😀


On The Go

Here we go to the country lake
In the car, with my mom, my dad, my cousin, my friend, my pet;
Driving all morning and noon and afternoon;
Stopping at a lodge for relaxation, snacks, refreshments, games and tune.

In the evening we travel some more,
To reach at a hotel for sleep and shelter.
Early morning we get on the road again,
On our way, have to travel across a border.

Now we are out of the suburbs somehow,
Crossing every farm, cow, goat, land, meadow
And all other things to be found.
Finally reached our destination, safe and sound!

Oh so beautiful, the view is breathtaking,
Watching this, I need no more waking.
Everything is here, the sun and the mountains and the lake and the grass and rocks
and pebbles and trees and birds and squirrels and us!

Time for a lovely picnic at the best spot outside town!

Ode to Little Treasures

Writing 201 Assignment
Prompt: Drawer
Form: Ode
Device: Apostrophe

I believe a lot can be known about a person by reading their creations especially poetry. Similarly a few things can be guessed about a person by going through their drawers! No m not kidding, this can rarely go wrong. But if someone wants to misguide you, then that’s a different case! 😉

By the way I know I’m late on the assignments sorry about that. But I wasn’t feeling very well. In fact, I wrote the last poem with a pounding headache which almost felt like a migraine. Also my internet connection is giving me a hard time. Still I’ll try and post remaining assignments soon. Anyway so now I don’t even know whether this one qualifies as an ode or not and whether I have used apostrophe properly or not. You decide. Lemme know! Enjoy! 🙂

PS: This one’s unedited (not in the best shape)! Kindly bear 😀

 Ode to Little Treasures

Can you keep a little secret?
Coz if you can, then lemme tell you mine.
About a special little palette
That’s filled with the most important colors, so very fine.
One place where I can keep them hidden from all.
I reach my hideout, first place I look.
I can tell what is where even with my eyes shut.
More often than not, here I find all solutions
What more shall I tell you about
Everything you will find here
Has a story of its own.
No matter it’s been kept in whichever zone.

Sadness is gone when I see the smiley ball.
Anger goes away when I hear my iPod
Feeling lonely?
The family of Teddy Bears come to the rescue
Huggy bear gives all the comfort I need
Beary bear takes all my worries away.
Gofer is a lucky charm, even though his color is blue
He doesn’t let me feel blue.
Siberian husky, although the mini version,
Is enough to bring back a huge smile across my face
Reminiscing about the fun time we spent
The child in me feels alive.

Oh look what I see! Blank pages?
Colorful pieces of graffiti!
Oh my little diary, how can I forget you.
You are the Jewel of the Nile.
The reason I fell in love with words.
My spiral mini writing pad, I keep with me a few
Most of them contain words of wisdom
You’ll find my collection of quotations.
Might even get a chance to look at my poetry
I wrote when I was younger
A fool for love I was
Which I’m still, but now I know better
At least, I would like to think so
As we all do! Don’t we?
So again, we’ll see.
C’est la vie.
La vie en rose isn’t meant to be.

Started feeling bitter?
Mini chocolate to the rescue
Ran out of the sin bar
Oreo will make you feel better.
That person was a genius
Who discovered cocoa.
All the brownies so chocolacious looking
Asks you every time, how you feeling
You’ll no longer feel grumpy
If you see the bear jumpy
All this makes me hearty happy!

What else didn’t I tell you about?
Maybe time to open up a little treasure.
This is my jewelry box, be gentle.
Handle with care, if you may
Some pieces are antique
A few even were souvenirs
Way to remember friends by.
Jewelry of all shapes and sizes and kind
You just can’t keep whatever you find!
All of them are close to my heart.
Even the funny friendship bracelets
Which I can’t ever wear
Or fashion police will kill me dear!

Call it attachment
Call it mania
Love the things I have
Miss the people who gave them
Love to have the memories
Few things might not define
Who I am or what I am
But they do tell I care
I won’t let anyone come in between us
I won’t grow apart
Of my life you’ll always be a part.
My Own
My Precious!

Just One Touch


What magic can fingers do. They can create music with just one touch. They can wipe away those hateful tears. They can help you dance or make a dance of their own. They help in making art of all kinds. Even to make a wrong right. They can do so much more, when they are intertwined.

Fingers can speak a language of their own. The language of touch. They can even touch another person’s soul, if you’re willing to use and lose your senses, all at once. Just one touch, is all it takes.

They touch, you feel; you feel, as they touch. The connection, the bond is everlasting; one can’t do without the other. What magic does this touch possess? Is it me or is it you that should be blamed?

Accidentally, when our fingers met at first, I swear I felt some kind of high. Like some high voltage shot of Ecstasy.

Sparks flew across which could light up the whole world and make the world go by; throwing me into a different zone, making me believe everything which I otherwise won’t. That moment made me believe – as your hand was holding mine and when I looked deep into your eyes – I was home.

Writing 201 Assignment.

Prompt: Fingers

Form: Prose Poetry

Device: Assonance

Wish For A Star Fish

Finally I managed to complete (or fail at) the skipped assignment for Writing 201: Poetry (Concrete Poetry). This took so long that I can no longer modify the shape I wanted (a star). I thought it is such a simple shape…. Since this is the first time I have tried something like this, I had no idea it would take so much time. Can’t believe I wasted a couple of hours on this! And I still can’t access the Commons. Help! 😦
But anyway I hope at least the poem is not a disaster like the shape! So I am posting the same poem with and without the concrete poetry effect.
As always comments and feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks! Enjoy! 🙂

Prompt: Animal

Form: Concrete Poem

Device: Enjambment

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Wish For A Star Fish

It’s a starlit night
 the stars so

Shining away with

Somewhere deep down
Nowhere to be

In the bed rock sea of

Lying around in a corner
Sweet little star fish.

Which came first?
The one in the sky
Or the one in the sea?

A connection between
Parallel universes
One is alone in space
Another is stranded
at the beach.

As cheerful as colorful
Red blue or gray
Millions of years old
Whether found in seabed or sky bed

If you find one at the sea shore
You are

Be lucky for the starfish too
Throw it back in the ocean
Coz maybe it wished upon a star
For a miracle
of water

And got

a starlit
With the
~ stars so bright ~
Shining away with glory
       Somewhere deep down Nowhere ~~~~
to be found 
In the bed rock sea of vastness Lying around in a corner Sweet little
star fish 
Which came first?The one in the sky Or one in the sea?A connection
Parallel universes One is alone in space Another is stranded
at the beach. 
As cheerful as colorful Red blue or gray Millions
years old Whether found in seabed or sky bed If you
find one at the sea shore                       
You are lucky Be lucky
for the star fish too                                                
Throw it back in the
Coz may                                                                 be it wished ~~
~~upon a star ~~                                                                       
For a miracle
~~~ of water                                                                                     
And ~~~~~~
~~~got~~~                                                                                       ~~~~ you ~~
~~~                                                                                                       ~~~   

Mysterious Mist


Winter Mornings
Seldom a delight.
With the foggy blanket around,
It’s hard to even tell the time.

As I revisit my childhood,
Foggy memories appear.
Sprinkled with dew drops of happiness 
And few of sadness alike.

Day in day out
Thoughts come and go.
What will I lose next,
What haven’t I already lost?

Maybe someday.
Someone will solve the mystery,
In the misery
Of those misty eyes.

Prompt: Fog

Form: Elegy

Device: Metaphor

Mind Games


Writing 201 : Poem Assignment #3

Prompt: Trust

Form: Acrostic

Device: Internal Rhyme

Every day, people change in every way.

Most of the story I made up, has a trustworthy backup.

Oblivion to anyone but me, thoughts playing out to see

The reactions they get, from people they have met.

Invitations were inevitable, if only they were amicable.

Otherwise they say something, and mean something else.

Nobody shows their real feelings, for they fear dealing.

Shadows of secrets remain covered in closets.

The Writing 201 course is much more difficult than I thought it would be! Am already behind on the assignments, and there must be even tougher assignments ahead in the next week. Maybe because am forcing myself to use all the three things given and combine them to write my poem, am feeling I have been trapped! My free flow creativity gets hampered because of such constraints. Nonetheless, many people are doing it easily and so should I. And am so happy and excited as I am learning such new things.

But am also worried because I am not being able to access the Commons. Same problem I encountered earlier, due to email address mismatch I suppose. Hence am not able to get any feedback properly. So please please, leave your feedback, I would appreciate it so very much. Thanks in advance! 😉

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect (A Poem)

Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: Alliteration


© Realist Rebel

Yeah so I drew this butterfly the other day. I know, I know, I sketch like a 5 year old! Or even worse! But I really hope the poem am sharing isn’t as bad. Please lemme know what you think!
So here goes…

Slow n steady: life full of boredom,
A caterpillar can’t do stuff at random.
Until it gets beautiful wings,
And sees world’s full of things.
Then begins a journey fuelled with freedom…