Authors Anonymous (2014)

Authors Anonymous (2014) – Review


Interesting title, apart from the fact that Kaley Cuoco (who plays the role of gorgeous Penny in popular series ‘The Big Bang Theory’) is starring in the movie and is one of the exec-producers as well! Also starring Chris Klein, we have seen him in American Pie movie series before. The movie is said to be a comedy, excuse me?! What kind of comedy, dark? Cynical? Perhaps yes. It can very well be classified as the satirical composition and collection of a few unpublished authors who come together and form a sort of support group to help and inspire one another in the otherwise lonesome journey of a writer. There is a reason why a writer is supposed to go alone. As in the event of one’s success and others’ well, same condition, they can’t possibly be happy for each other. Jealousy creeps in and ego clashes are bound to happen. This fact is shown in the movie distinctively.

The movie is apparently being filmed as a documentary which in the beginning seems to be a turn off and immediately took my interest level down. But after a few minutes it gets picked up. We see a group called “authors anonymous” (decent ensemble cast), which was formed by an eye doctor and the members were in fact his patients at some point, including his wife. The common thing between them being – they all are writers who are unpublished. The newest member of the group is Hannah (played by Kaley) who is smart, seems hard-working but doesn’t know much about the work of any other author. She isn’t well read as she never attended college but she wants to be a writer and even her mom supports her now. A guy in the group, Henry (played by Chris Klein), is interested in Hannah for all the obvious reasons. Henry seems a bit geeky type, who has read almost every famous novel out there, especially the classics, and dreams of making it big one day; like everyone else. Now at this point, I cant help but draw similarities or comparisons with The Big Bang Theory again, where the lead pair of Penny and Leonard have similar characteristics to that of Hannah and Henry shown in the movie.

Nevertheless, the story continues, and we get to know more about each struggling writer, and the never-ending efforts they show in contacting various publishers and getting rejected n-number of times yet never giving up. So one fine day, Hannah finally gets hold of a publisher who liked one of her novels, ‘Sleeping on The Moon’ which by the way is a metaphor, which Hannah herself is unable to explain properly when asked to! Wonder how she wrote the entire book! Because of this reason (and several other perhaps), none of the people in the group take this news sportively; although they try to do so in the beginning. Henry was genuinely happy for Hanna’s success and probably the only one in the group to think and tell Hanna that she deserves this and more.

Eventually, Hanna’s Book gets published and also gets movie rights worth a lot, which shatters the patience and pretense of the group members that they have had been depicting. They begin showing their true jealousy, and as a result, the group is on the verge of splitting up. The movie definitely tries to bring out the lighter side of this mess but in the end fails to do so.

All in all it tries to show different kind of writers, their individual struggle, how they behave in a group trying to support each other, being a critic for each others’ work, pointing out good and bad things, how they handle one person’s success and take it as their own failure, what all each one of them do to get published before the other…so on and so forth. It becomes a kind of mini competition that started within the group itself. Towards the end, everyone started saying the truth out loud (almost all). Some of it came as a shock! Surely teaches a thing or two.

The guy Henry is said to have a writer’s block for about 2 years or so. Reason being, and everybody knows, that he has been concentrating on being with Hannah and trying to get close to her. Everyone, including Hannah, tries to make Henry realize that he should concentrate on his writing and nothing else. Writing comes first, no distractions. But this became possible only when Henry saw Hannah with a famous author and that she is now in a live-in relationship with that author, claiming that he is making her a better writer. At this point, Henry realizes that he was wasting his time and again starts writing. Later on he finds a girl who is genuinely interested in him and shares his interests and love for classic novels alike. In the end he gets published as well.

Acting wise, it was not bad I would say. Served the story well, as chemistry between the group members was quite funny with a little comedy element in a few scenes. At certain points, the story gets dragged or some people did over acting which was really unnecessary. Apart from that it was an ok movie. Certainly, for an abstract story line, there was a lot of potential but the movie failed to explore any of that. It could have been better, as you won’t find anything in the movie, which is unexpected or out of the ordinary.

Watch it at your own risk, it’s just an average film. Still I would give it 5 out of 10.