First Blogaversary


Happy Blogaversary to Me! 😀

Realist Rebel’s Perception completes one year. Cant believe its been a whole year! 2nd Jan 2015, the first post on this blog was made. I have made it this far somehow, a big thank you to all my readers and also a very happy new year 2016 to everyone. 🙂 🙂

Although I know I have not been active since September so feels like I gotta start afresh. But the first 6 months on this blog were a great big experience that I’m gonna cherish forever.

Looking forward to resume my journey here and hopefully will manage to entertain you guys a bit as well (if I get over my writer’s block!).

Until next time,

Much Love, 

– Realist Rebel


The Last Straw

Finally the bubble burst.
When something you believed in, you believed something to be true,
and all of a sudden you come to know it was a lie….
And you can’t tell it to anyone since the truth isn’t yours to share.

Living in a bubble is comforting. It is reassuring.
If everything else is going wrong you at least think that one thing is in place.
But no. It never was.

Sick n tired of knowing.
There are some things I don’t need to know.
I want to live in my bubble. My perfect world.

But I can’t anymore. I can’t because of the truth.
I can’t be the pigeon who chose to close his eyes when he saw the cat coming.
Or maybe I’m. Coz I don’t really have a choice, do I?
It sucks. Everything sucks.

And yet again. As always.
Life goes on…

Classic Bob Everyday

“Beautiful day to walk in the garden.” Bob seemed to think when he jumped up at me at 6 in the morning. Bob likes to give surprises as much as he loves to receive them. Bob who? Oh I didn’t tell you? Bob is my dog. Bob is a sweetheart. We got him from the pound. Everybody there used to call him that so we decided we will keep the name. He loves to hear his name too.

“Ok ok I’m up. Stop making a mess Bob.” At last, I gave in. “Don’t know what possessed this dog today, so much energy?” I thought.

“Out of the room now. I’m coming. Stay away from the study table or else you’ll spill the ink…” And it’s already done.

Bob ran out of the room; he knew he would get a scolding otherwise.

10 minutes later, I had to let him out. He was continuously barking at the door and the window alternately.

Must be the mail man. Bob hates that guy. Once he chased the mail man around the block for an hour. The mail man wears skates now.

I let him out and then went to the kitchen to get some food for both of us.

Thankfully there were some left over pan-cakes. I reheated them and ate them with maple syrup.

“Better wash this plate or else Bob would come looking for it.” I told myself.

After taking some dog-food for him, I went outside to check the mail box. But it was empty. And Bob was still barking at frequent intervals.

“Look at you sitting here comfortably. Why are you barking at the tree? Yeah you wont tell I know. Classic Bob.”

After looking around a bit, I finally spotted a Blue-Jay bird sitting on the middle branch.

“Oh boy! That bird is so gorgeous! Been a while, haven’t spotted one of these in a long time. Come on Bob, leave the Blue-Jay alone. The poor bird will not steal your food!”

Ok, time’s up. Otherwise, I was gonna tell you about The Big Bang Theory Episode where Sheldon is afraid of birds (Blue-Jay was at his window.) Sheldon tried to scare the bird away by making cat sounds and drawings. Then tries to keep it as a pet but it eventually flies away.

In this story, I was gonna tell you, Bob would have been compared to Sheldon, which Bob doesn’t like and when he is still not able to scare the bird away, I would have said: “I knew I should’ve gotten a cat.” 😉

Yeah, and Bob Cat sounds so much better than Bob Dog, doesn’t it? 😀

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”
Challenge: You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob.

The Monthly Ketch-Up

Hi there!

By now those of you who have been following my blog know what this post is gonna be about! But if you don’t then fear not, this is The Monthly Ketch-Up aka Catch-Up of my blog; listing my posts and activities of the previous month. Pretty neat idea, ain’t it? 😉

Well maybe that’s why I got The Real Neat Blog Award too, lol. There is also The Blog Tour Award in which I have mentioned what am I currently working on, and things about my inspiration, creative writing, etc.

Have a look…Read…Enjoy!

The Monthly Ketch-Up : March 2015

The third month of my blogging…. Let’s start with a good news. I have finished my blogging101 course finally!! Yayy me!! 😀 (that was my second attempt, so pheww)

Now on to some stats. Again made 15 posts (like last month), finally crossed 100 followers (yippie) and also crossed total 500 likes! Definitely happy. 😀 So a big hearty thank you guys, it all means a lot. I’m glad that I have such great readers and supporters. Much love. ❤ ❤ ❤

What else had I been busy with in the past month? Watched a few movies, but didn’t really do any Movie Reviews; nothing seemed to be worth writing about! Hmm…. Oh ya, also went to my college, my Alma mater after a long time…. So much has changed there!! A new learning wing has been added, parking space and another building still under construction, but the sad part: the neighbour college closed their canteen. Me and my friends used to hang out there most of the time whenever we felt like having South Indian food and coffee. Ah, those wonderful days! Felt nostalgic with mixed feelings, sad and happy and… I don’t know! You get it right? I’m sure you do. 🙂

Ok, so back on track. Time to reveal the most popular post of march (with highest likes of course!)

It is The Ugly “Wall” (also the best of all time, hehe). This was in response to the daily-prompt: Wall. I really loved all the different takes on this particular prompt, they all were very interesting, inspiring and we all got to learn something from each other. The best thing about blogging, right? 🙂 So do read it once, I’m sure you would learn something new.

Summary of blogging 101:

Wrote a whole post for my introduction! It is a fun post, also answered things like why I blog and more about my blog. You can check out Introduction Revisited.

Then updated my About page. Feedback welcome. 😀

Also tweaked my blog name and tagline a bit (shhhh…. not a big deal!) 😛

And most importantly, added all kinds of widgets and gave more options for you guys to follow me (please do!). There is a FB page and twitter as well. So please please, check all that out.(like, share, you know how it works,  hehe) Thanks! 😀

Silly Poem Series

Wind In My Hair (the best of the silly poems)

Fly Away (something to cheer you up)

More Silly Poems (8 parts so far. Also, these are not silly, just a name! I write about nature or various elements of nature in this particular series.)

More Poetry

Well, from last month’s Writing201, I didnt experiment with Found Poetry. This time I did! Don’t miss this! Found Poetry – Poster

Poetry 101 Rehab

We all were missing Writing 201 so badly, thanks to Mara Eastern, this Rehab made it easier for us addicts to survive! 😀

In The End, At Last. (This was a two-fold response to the prompt ‘End’.)

Thaw or Not To Thaw (Experimented with Shakespeare style! for the prompt ‘Thaw’)

The Right Thing (Well, not so right, just from the heart! For the prompt ‘Right’.)

Seconds’ Worth (Short and precise. For the prompt ‘Second’)

Flash Fiction / Stories

The most important feature of the month! Introduction of a new category for this blog: Fiction. (ta-da!) It’s just the beginning, and I hope I will keep writing and keep-up with the expectations. *fingers crossed*

So far, I have written:

The End…? (A short story) (Just the first part)

50 Word Stories (First attempt 3 stories)

50 Word Stories (Second attempt 2 stories)

For Next Month :

Have signed up for Writing 101, it would be a fun thing am guessing! Also it means more posts. 😀
Look out for more Poetry and the follow up to the story I started.

Let’s wrap it up (who likes unnecessary long posts, I know I don’t!) 😀

So Stay Tuned,

Have fun.

Until Next Time… ❤

50 Word Stories

My Lucky Charm

“You gotta hold my hand always?” Angrily, Suzy pushed Kyle away.
Realizing a car was approaching from behind, she pulled him back, hugged him and said, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry Kyle.” 

“That’s why I’ve to hold your hand; to say how lucky I’m to have you.” Said Kyle.

(Prompt: Luck)


The Beach

People think night-life on the beach is so glamorous. The night parties, crackling sound of bonfire, couples dancing and singing around it: what’s not to like!

But if they saw me sitting here on this rock, all by myself, then I’d like to know, how glamorous does this look?

(Prompt: Crackle)


Again for The 50-Word Story Challenge.
I know, even I don’t like the 2nd one.
But this is what I wrote.
Thanks for reading.

The End…? (A short story)

They are said to be
a girl’s best friend.
But for some reason
these diamonds:
lying here all around,
on her bed,
all the wedding jewelry
and what not;
they remind of the things
She doesn’t and couldn’t have.
A normal childhood,
a happy family,
a friend who would never leave her side
or the love of her life.
These diamonds
were just telling her
how her life
is always going to be
How it would be filled only with
materialistic things
and nothing else…..

To be continued…

50 Word Stories

The Room

The doors were locked. The lights shut. Even the clock stopped clicking. Still, here I am, lying in my bed, staring into the never ending darkness of this room; whose every belonging shouts out her name and takes the life out of my already dead soul. Every time. All. The. Time.

(Prompt: Not enough sleep)


Danger Sign

“Wanna go to my place?” he asked abruptly. “Sure.” I blurted. And in no time, we were rushing to his apartment, two blocks away from college.

A peculiar smelling room, everything out of place.

And then I saw it. Staring back at me.

Most dreaded danger sign.

The Ash Tray.

(Prompt: Ash Tray)


Anything For You

“Honey! You know I don’t like this salad! Why did you order it?”

“Babe, it’s good for you. The doc said so. Remember?”

“Yeah…. fine. Just ’cause you’re saying. But on one condition.”


“Take these ugly green beans away pleeease. They taste funny.”

“Haha. Done.”

“So sweet!”

He smiled.

(Prompt: Green Beans)


My first attempt at writing any kind of fiction or story!
Liked it? Hated it? Lemme know. 🙂
This is for The 50-Word Story Challenge.
Thanks for reading. ❤

The Right Thing

❤ Follow your heart they said. ❤

Go do the right thing they said.

❤ But heart’s in the left I said. ❤

How can it be right I said.


Does two wrongs make a right

Or two rights end up being wrong?

Clear the confusion come along

Dont turn this into some fight

❤ Heart is always right ❤

Beautiful day comes after a dark night

And darkness turns into light

So just sit tight

❤ Everything’s gonna be all right! ❤

In response to Poetry101Rehab Challenge hosted by Mara Eastern.
Word Prompt : Right.

You can join the challenge too!

The Ugly “Wall”

When someone asks you to think about walls, what comes into your mind? Before I reveal what hit me when I wondered about walls, lemme tell you I desperately searched my camera album and even browsed through old pictures thinking I might accidentally stumble upon any “wall” picture to share with you guys. But nope, that certainly didn’t happen! Then I realized I never click pictures only of walls (unless there are people standing in front of them!). Although, yes, I might have clicked a few pictures of old walls of archaeological or heritage sites found here in India; I do like a good piece of work, like those beautifully engraved and carefully carved intricate patterns found on the stone walls of The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, etc.
PS: I’m not good at describing those things so pardon me!

Then again what else comes to mind? Well, I kind of took it metaphorically you can say. Walls. Fences. Borders. Man-made barriers. A way of marking a territory.

But what do they really mean? In the real world? Continents, countries, states, cities….everything is divided. Long story short, I don’t like such “walls”. And yes, all borders are ugly. They are just messy.


The India-Pakistan border appears as an orange line in a photo taken by the crew on International Space Station.

Ok, so this is like, even the ALIENS can see the “apparent” divide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure it looks nice from space, but it is after all, just another border.

fencing constructed along the indo - pakistan border - fao chris

The floodlit border fencing built through the Indian government since 2003 is so bright it can be seen from space

Yeah, so the floodlights are probably good for surveillance and all…. that’s it, I wont say much.

I sometimes wish someone would go back in time and undo all this. And instead of War, just spread Love.

अमन की आशा – Aman Ki Asha (Hope for Peace)

This post was in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge Prompt : Wall (Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.)

Found Poetry – Poster


© Realist Rebel

This is my found, found poetry! Collage in form of poetry. Didn’t know it was a Poetic form. Thanks to Writing 201.
I decided to turn it into a poster instead of making it like a regular collage.
I have used ‘Brunch’ which is a supplement magazine of The HT newspaper. Tried making a poem out of words found in the various titles of the magazine articles.
So how does it look? Does the poem make any sense? Lemme know how would you interpret it!
Also, if anyone feels inspired enough, try finding a poem of your own and share. (You can add a pingback.) 🙂