The Monthly Ketch-Up

Hello there!

How have you been? I’ve been missing writing for my blog so so much! Feels so great to be back! ^_^

Finally time to do The Monthly Ketch-Up aka Catch-Up of my blog yet again. Like every month, this is gonna be sort of a recap/throwback/flashback of the blog posts I made last month, so that you all can enjoy these posts again or catch-up on those you missed.

Let’s start! 🙂

The Monthly Ketch-Up : May 2015

The 5th month of this blog, and for me it’s been that long of being a blogger. Wow! Well, to begin with, this month I have been a bit lazy or laid back you might say. But sometimes a break is good. You never know, it might turn into some research and stuff too. 😉

Right now, I’m steering clear of all the stats, hardly had a few posts last month. But few turned out well. 😉

Most Popular of the Month

Obviously begin with the best. 😀

The Only Choice : And it’s a flash fiction story written for MFtS challenge. Honestly, this is my favorite too. It almost has all the elements. Well, almost. 😉 You can read and decide yourself.
What is happening in the life of Amaya – the mysterious girl on the beach…

Another flash fiction story for the same challenge

Captain Chronicles : All aboard the ship. Something is fishy. Find out what is bothering the Captain!

More Fiction:

The Danger Sign – Scene 5 : Well this was the 5th installment of the series. But the last one with the flashbacks. Confused? You can always start at the beginning. 😉


This month only one poetry post. Not fair, eh? Ok, will do better next month.

Cycle of Recycle : Written for Poetry101Rehab this one is a little tricky. Recycle or Reincarnation or something else? Do find out and read the poem!

Movie Review

You’re Not You (2014) : The movie truly moved me. It’s about an ALS patient (played by Hillary Swank) and her unique bond with her care taker. Very inspiring.


Friendships, Feelings And MoreMy Perception on different type of friends and Friends’ Relationships; Emotional or Philosophical stuff:



So I talked about a surprise in the last Ketch-up and here it is!!

Smile For Me Baby – (My First Song) : Title explains all. I call it a song rather than a poem since it felt like one and I was sort of singing it out while writing. 😀 So yeah, my first song indeed! I have no idea why I wrote it or for whom, but I just did. Hope someone smiles after reading it! 🙂

For This Month :

Alright people, this was it. For June, expect the final two installments for The Danger Sign, maybe a few more stories and poems.

Keeping it short and sweet.

See you next month,

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– Realist Rebel

The Monthly Ketch-Up (An Intro) !!

Helloooo everyone. Hope you all doing good. 🙂

Allow me to introduce: The Monthly Ketch-Up (catch-up, hehe) of my blog. This space is all about what I did in the very first month of becoming a blogger. (Wow! Feels weird when I say that out loud!).
This is gonna be sort of a recap/throwback/flashback or whatever you wanna call it! And I hope to make this a regular monthly feature. So here it goes…

The Monthly Ketch-Up : January 2015

This month had been quite amazing. I made 25 posts, crossed a 100 total likes and got some followers as well !! So a big thanks to you guys, you all are amazing. Thanks for reading all my posts no matter good or bad and appreciating the better ones. Now I know!

I still consider myself to be relatively new to this blogging world. That’s why i have signed up for the blogging courses for Feb. But I accidentally came across the “daily-prompt” once and have two blog posts from there (which surprisingly turned out to be quite good – well ’cause they made it to my top posts list – not bragging just saying) 😀

For the topic “Serenity”, view my post here.

For the topic “Re-springing Your Step.”, view my post here.

Also a lot of people love to read Poems so ya i have a few of those, here. 

And guess what! I have a mini-series for my poems (Silly Poem). You can read the Silly Poem series here. So far 4 parts are there and one more,which is a small dedication to dog-lovers!

Looking for something interesting? You can go through the Pages of My Diary, and see if you can relate, or just to read something amusing!

Apart from that I try to write a few things from my experience which can be informative and Inspirational (if not anything else, they can be thought-provoking).

If I left something out, you can always check the Blog section. Basically, things I have to say, things which grab my attention and thoughts are all there.

There are some Movie Reviews as well, I wrote them just like that, but only for movies I felt were worth it. Movies which made me think or moved me to the core or plainly entertained me enough. 🙂

For Next Month :

You can expect me to continue writing my mini-series of Silly Poems, plus since this month is a bit busy and i will be doing the blogging101 and similar courses, so my posts would be related to that.

That’s all for now (as if this post isn’t long enough already!), please do drop in your feedback, I would love to hear your comments about my blog and posts; what you liked, and what you disliked and all (especially about this post and its title!).

And for the rest,

Stay Tuned !!


Happy Reading !!