Uncharted Territory

There are times when I don’t know what to write. Much like the times when I can’t figure out what to do, which option to choose and which to forego.

Difficult times. running away isn’t an option. Every other door is closed. Desperately trying to figure out where the window might be…

Funny thing about making decisions (life changing ones) is that you know once you give in, you are done. There is no going back, no do overs. That is what makes it all the more challenging.

But the real question here is to see how long can you avoid the inevitable.

The quest of the unknown continues…

PS: This is also sort of an apology for not being regular with my posts. I kinda have been caught up in my own mind! Gonna try to be regular now. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Much love ❤

– Realist Rebel

The Right Thing

❤ Follow your heart they said. ❤

Go do the right thing they said.

❤ But heart’s in the left I said. ❤

How can it be right I said.


Does two wrongs make a right

Or two rights end up being wrong?

Clear the confusion come along

Dont turn this into some fight

❤ Heart is always right ❤

Beautiful day comes after a dark night

And darkness turns into light

So just sit tight

❤ Everything’s gonna be all right! ❤

In response to Poetry101Rehab Challenge hosted by Mara Eastern.
Word Prompt : Right.

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Think Twice

It’s a matter of time before how things really get intense and more often than not, out of hand. And it’s not always necessary that you are conscious enough to realize it in time or before it’s too late. On the contrary, you are more likely to realize it when you have already lost the bet. Hence it’s wise to think twice before taking your decisions, not after, otherwise it would only be like crying over spilt milk, and you can’t really do anything other than crying then, can you?

Realization can be a hard process. There are always triggers and signs you ought not to miss. Perhaps there shall lay another story round the corner, just like yours, to catch up and learn early, but then for how long can you rely on fairy tales or other people’s lives to show you the way? Hanging around the mess others create to learn how to straighten out your own, will not be considered smart. It would indeed be just the opposite. Watch out!