ESCAPE PLAN (2013) – Review

Stallone, Schwarzenegger

The plot looks brilliant. Stallone is an escape master/genius/expert. He can escape any and every prison ever built by man. He has a record of escaping 14 prisons till now.  This is done to check the authenticity and whether or not every prison in the country, escape proof.

He takes up a new mission where everything is a secret. None of his allies know his location since its a highest security secret prison which is apparently not government run and is privately funded (“the shadow world”).

That prison looks unbelievable. The most high tech prison ever – one could say. Everything looks amazing and scary. Everything is computerized and only has electronic access. The prisoners are kept in a small cubicle which is entirely transparent.  Even the dress worn by the prisoners has a barcode on it! Guards wear masks, warden doesn’t. Basically, its the new age hell with all the gadgets and weapons you can think of…more like it seems like real people are trapped in a video game! Nobody could or would be able to get out of there by the looks of it….at least not alive!! But then enters Schwarzenegger, half an hour into the movie, and oh boy, what an entry! The game is about to change.

What follows is a number of failed attempts to get out of the man made inferno, which is by far the most complicated and complex puzzle ever for Stallone. He has no outside help, hence no points for guessing, Schwarzenegger becomes the help. A mysterious thriller ride showcasing various torture methods, prison life, and ways to escape, also telling the basic escape plan which can be applied anywhere.

Since we already know its a trap set up for Stallone to keep him there forever, its gonna be worth a watch to see whether he manages to get out alone or with Schwarzenegger. Or even manages to get out of there ever. Surely a surprise element is waiting for you…

Great storyline, nicely directed, background score keeps you hooked on, brilliant acting undoubtedly, and the suspense? Well, you will end up saying “didn’t see that coming!” just like Stallone!!…

A must watch, if you find mystery/thriller kind of flicks interesting. 7 out of 10.