Habitual Habit

“Old Habits Die Hard.”

Breaking an old habit becomes easy when we know what we are dealing with. Problem arises only when we are not able to gauge what exactly are we trying to resolve. But these days, with such hectic schedules and busy lives, we tend to ignore our own behavior and fail to analyze the patterns of what we do and why we keep doing it.

We all have one such habit in common. Some are aware, others happily ignorant about it.

Let’s find out what it is…

We all meet new people. We tend to like some, tend to hate some (repulsive kind) and some don’t matter at all (can be ignored or invisible kind). In short, we take the first impressions way too seriously.
They say: “never judge a book by its cover”, but let’s face it. It’s easier to spot an attractive cover and instant likeness is inevitable. What’s inside the book is a different story altogether! (pun intended!)

We never really give it a thought. Are we wrong? Are we biased? Is it too soon to decide?

And we never really sit down to check what we have been doing all along; and more importantly, why.

There has to be a certain quality, a certain gesture, way of talking or even dressing style that we notice the most in people (usually in the first/second meetings) and one or more of such things become a part our “Likability” checklist. So what it takes for somebody in order to impress us or for us to like them is actually a set of likable characteristics, functionally programmed by our unconscious brain over a long period of time. In fact, we keep updating this checklist by adding and or subtracting suitable characteristics from time to time. The logic is similar to ‘why we develop a change in taste over time’ or ‘the change in level of maturity’ or simply a part of growing up.

Yes, you guessed it right! The habit we are talking about here is “Judgment”.  Each and every one of us has this habit. Some know the reasons behind every judgment of theirs and some find it offensive if they are tagged as “being judgmental”! Everybody does it and hence there is a popular concept of “first impressions”.  And as they say “first impression is the last impression”, so everybody tries to impress everybody else in the best possible way. But this is not in our hands that whether the other person will like us or not. It just happens, we can only be at our best behavior and rest is destiny. But what actually is in our control is what we think of others and how quickly or how aptly can we figure out the other person (in order to make a correct judgment).

The point is, how well we know ourselves and our own process of reasoning. Once we analyze that, we would know how not to wrongly judge a person in order to remain unbiased towards them.


So yeah, take your time, get to know a person, don’t believe what others say, don’t see the world through another person’s glasses and form your own opinions.

Unless you are interviewing people to hire them. Then just ignore this post !!

Hey, exceptions are always there. Take care !! 😉

Being Insomniac

Let me be clear – this has got nothing to do with Enrique Iglesias or his album insomniac; although he used to be one of my favorite artistes once upon a time! This is about really being insomniac, like literally. We usually don’t give much thought to why we are not able to sleep at night, which could turn out to be a cause of concern at times. Some people joke about it by saying things like, “oh you can’t sleep at night? You must be in love!” (which is an absurd assumption, trust me). How can it be the only reason? Or lately I have heard a new logic that “legend says, if you can’t sleep at night it means you are awake in someone else’s dreams!” No matter how cute, adorable or lovely it may seem, I’m sure we all know it’s not the truth. Hence, let’s try to find out some real answers.

To begin with, I would like to state that I love my sleep. I don’t like anyone disturbing my sleep no matter what. But then also I feel insomniac most of the times. Proper sleep at proper time is the most important thing for a human body; just giving it rest so as to recharge for the next day. If you are sleep deprived then it’s a bad sign and you would be low on energy.

Being Insomniac may have tons of reasons, different for different people. But if we talk in general, most of the teenagers, youngsters and even elder people can face it. Just to be clear, I haven’t done any research, but have seen many people going through this problem. Yes, it can be a big problem if neglected for too long. Hence needs attention.

Now some of the reasons can be – thinking too much, not being able to finish off work, studies, peer-pressure and to sum it up: the most common reason is STRESS. The present lifestyle is such that it leads to things like sleeplessness and depression. And if we take a closer look, it’s almost a vicious circle of sorts; which is why insomnia is hard to get rid of.

So what should you do to get sleep on time? As far as I’m concerned, my usual time pass in such a case is listening to music. This has even increased my fondness for music – which has in fact become an essential part of my life. But lately this has stopped working as a lullaby. It might even sometime work in a totally opposite manner. Just depends on the genre of music you are listening to. Usually soft/light, slow tracks help you sleep better or faster. Back in my PG days, one such track on my playlist was “Fireflies – Owl city”.  And there was “Bella’s Lullaby” (so any instrumental would be just fine). It really helped me sleep most of the times.

Apart from music, one of the oldest techniques would definitely be Reading. Any kind of heavy or boring stuff can help anyone doze off! When I was a student, I was advised to read any of my course books which I used to find boring; as it’s supposed to induce sleep! Might help in some cases so definitely worth a try!

Surely there are many-many ways like: count sheep, drink warm milk, keep all your screen gadgets out of the bedroom and most importantly, relax. In the long run, real solution would be eating right and exercising (usually the solution for most of our problems!).

Recently I stumbled upon this article on the net. It’s about the 4-7-8 technique to fall asleep fast. Sharing the link. Might be of some help. Do let me know. 😉


Still need more solutions? Keep reading this article again and again, and surely you would want to catch up with some sleep instead!!

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!! 🙂


Have you ever experienced something which felt unreal? Ever felt what happened in reality was like a dream? I did. The past few days went by so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to pause and ponder that what is going on?! Like something which was forced over me. Some kind of evil power at work. i wasn’t able to think or use my head properly. Like it was some sort of dream and reality was different. I had lost my senses. Living in a bubble. Experienced another world, a different zone altogether. It was so creepy now that i think about it. How could i possibly let it happen? What made me blind? What made me paralyzed? What made me stop using my brain?

The whole matter went about in front of me like it was some sort of motion picture and i was a mere spectator. Now i want to slap myself for letting it happen in the first place. I wish i could go in time and fix everything, stop myself from doing what i accidentally let happen, just erasing everything i could. It just feels like the worst nightmare of all times. What was it? I was acting on some kind of imagination? Some fragment of my imagination popped out of my head and started dancing in front of me that i couldn’t judge right from wrong, truth from lie, real from imaginary! It felt just like I was hypnotized and someone else was controlling my actions and my brain as well. Surreal.

What could possibly be the logical explanation behind all this? I still am in shock; unable to believe it was all real. Such kind of incidents are not supposed to happen to good people. But then who made that rule? Who decides such stuff? Where and what is the truth? The quest continues…

The Change

Remembering things from the past is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you are living in the past. On the contrary, it is essential to remember certain things in life. Things that have helped you in becoming what you are today; in shaping you as a person, as an individual and as the way you are. People you met, things you learned, places you visited, things that inspired you, things that made you realize a hell lot of other things! All this is unquestionably – priceless.  All this gives the meaning to your Life which it should get. In other words, the essence of memories shall not lose its place in your life.

The journey on which you are moving ahead, the path you have walked cannot be ignored. Some things and some people make a great impact on you, that it changes you completely. For good or bad, you cannot judge immediately, but for once it does. Later on, you have the power to make a decision, to choose whether you want to change back or you are happy with it. But then again, change is quintessential! You cannot do away with it.

Change is a part of our lives, since the time we were born until we die. Just like learning. And even learning brings change, helps us to grow as an individual in every aspect. The point which I want to make is that do not run away from any kind of change, you will not be able to! Accept things as they come to you and then move ahead with a happy feeling.  That’s life. People come in our lives, some stay, some don’t. Everybody teaches something, you just need to realize or understand the lesson.

For instance, remember your first crush? I’m sure you do! Even your first crush induced some new feelings in you, taught you how it feels “to like” someone, be it for any reason. Friends teach you about sharing and caring, keeping each other’s secrets, being there in happy and sad times alike. There are many people – your parents, your siblings, your first love, everything and everyone teaches you something and changes you in bits and pieces.

The memories you make along the journey of life are important to keep. Good or bad, they are all essential. Collectively, they have built you and will continue to do so in future…