Just One Touch


What magic can fingers do. They can create music with just one touch. They can wipe away those hateful tears. They can help you dance or make a dance of their own. They help in making art of all kinds. Even to make a wrong right. They can do so much more, when they are intertwined.

Fingers can speak a language of their own. The language of touch. They can even touch another person’s soul, if you’re willing to use and lose your senses, all at once. Just one touch, is all it takes.

They touch, you feel; you feel, as they touch. The connection, the bond is everlasting; one can’t do without the other. What magic does this touch possess? Is it me or is it you that should be blamed?

Accidentally, when our fingers met at first, I swear I felt some kind of high. Like some high voltage shot of Ecstasy.

Sparks flew across which could light up the whole world and make the world go by; throwing me into a different zone, making me believe everything which I otherwise won’t. That moment made me believe – as your hand was holding mine and when I looked deep into your eyes – I was home.

Writing 201 Assignment.

Prompt: Fingers

Form: Prose Poetry

Device: Assonance

Wish For A Star Fish

Finally I managed to complete (or fail at) the skipped assignment for Writing 201: Poetry (Concrete Poetry). This took so long that I can no longer modify the shape I wanted (a star). I thought it is such a simple shape…. Since this is the first time I have tried something like this, I had no idea it would take so much time. Can’t believe I wasted a couple of hours on this! And I still can’t access the Commons. Help! 😦
But anyway I hope at least the poem is not a disaster like the shape! So I am posting the same poem with and without the concrete poetry effect.
As always comments and feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks! Enjoy! 🙂

Prompt: Animal

Form: Concrete Poem

Device: Enjambment

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Wish For A Star Fish

It’s a starlit night
 the stars so

Shining away with

Somewhere deep down
Nowhere to be

In the bed rock sea of

Lying around in a corner
Sweet little star fish.

Which came first?
The one in the sky
Or the one in the sea?

A connection between
Parallel universes
One is alone in space
Another is stranded
at the beach.

As cheerful as colorful
Red blue or gray
Millions of years old
Whether found in seabed or sky bed

If you find one at the sea shore
You are

Be lucky for the starfish too
Throw it back in the ocean
Coz maybe it wished upon a star
For a miracle
of water

And got

a starlit
With the
~ stars so bright ~
Shining away with glory
       Somewhere deep down Nowhere ~~~~
to be found 
In the bed rock sea of vastness Lying around in a corner Sweet little
star fish 
Which came first?The one in the sky Or one in the sea?A connection
Parallel universes One is alone in space Another is stranded
at the beach. 
As cheerful as colorful Red blue or gray Millions
years old Whether found in seabed or sky bed If you
find one at the sea shore                       
You are lucky Be lucky
for the star fish too                                                
Throw it back in the
Coz may                                                                 be it wished ~~
~~upon a star ~~                                                                       
For a miracle
~~~ of water                                                                                     
And ~~~~~~
~~~got~~~                                                                                       ~~~~ you ~~
~~~                                                                                                       ~~~   

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect (A Poem)

Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: Alliteration


© Realist Rebel

Yeah so I drew this butterfly the other day. I know, I know, I sketch like a 5 year old! Or even worse! But I really hope the poem am sharing isn’t as bad. Please lemme know what you think!
So here goes…

Slow n steady: life full of boredom,
A caterpillar can’t do stuff at random.
Until it gets beautiful wings,
And sees world’s full of things.
Then begins a journey fuelled with freedom…