Truth Behind “Moved On”

There are different things that different people want from us. It’s up to us to decide who is worth all the trouble. On the contrary, finding out what we really want, is precisely the most important and most tedious task to be accomplished.

Always heard about guiding Angels and guiding Light that lead us and show us the way to get through the difficulties we are facing. But in reality, one day we wake up and see what we have been looking for doesn’t even exist! Then nothing and nobody can help. Being here in this world alone and facing every problem with a brave and positive attitude is what we need to do just about every day. I mean, we can’t deny this fact that someday we need to give up on “fairy tale” happy ending myths; and the belief of “prince charming” sweeping you off your feet….. ain’t really gonna happen that way! Barring a few exceptions of course, but let’s get real.

When the time comes to face the reality, everything is supposed to change; but obviously it doesn’t. There is no magic wand that would change everything as quickly as we wish it to. Yet somehow, we forget – forget that amidst all the growing up, moving on and facing reality, there remains a part inside us which still wants and craves for the things we wanted; exactly the way we wanted them – the perfect way.

Yes, the reality check here would be to search ourselves, look within to find out the truth behind the crap, “oh chill! I have moved on man!” – What can be the truth? Is it so easy to move on? Even if it’s not, yet somehow most of us get there. But later don’t really bother to see deep down and realize just how much we got hurt in the process. The feelings which were curbed down, the thoughts that were brushed aside, the memories which were sacked and pushed in the corner, the emotions that were tied down and the desires which were brutally killed – altogether did the damage that they could to the heart and the soul which eventually stopped living.

Moving on is not a joke. It’s neither easy nor difficult. It’s basically the only choice left when someone leaves or we leave someone. Yes it applies in both cases. Anybody saying otherwise would be lying.

Also, the duration for moving on varies for people. Time required to finally get over someone, can’t be estimated. But one thing is for sure, 100% recovery isn’t done when you think it’s done. There are times in our lives, when we can really surprise ourselves. There can be a possibility that we may realize that all this time we didn’t really move on; we only thought we did. Just not giving the same amount of attention to that person anymore in our lives doesn’t mean that we don’t want those things anymore which we always wanted. People make mistakes, poor judgments, unrealistic expectations, but hey, it can’t always work as one sided! A relationship has to be a two-way street at all times. Even if a person is supporting the other, it can only work if the latter is willing to accept it. Otherwise it would be like banging your head against a wall and you’ll only end up hurting yourself.

There is nothing wrong in (still) wanting the things we craved for earlier. Moving on only says that we are strong enough to let go. It doesn’t mean the end of the world or end of love and relationships.  Some things and people are just not meant to be with us. Maybe they belong with someone else, maybe it’s not the right timing or maybe it’s something else. That is part of life. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t have happened since everything happens for a reason. Besides, it’s an integral part of growing up and being mature about things; all this without losing faith and hope. So rather than just saying “moved on”, we should really do move on with life and live it the way we want; without worrying about anybody else. After all, we get only one life; make every moment count.

Wind In My Hair

Silly Poem (Part Seven)


Just like the open sky 
Wind has no beginning or end for the eye.
Comes and goes as it pleases
Elevating everything it touches.
Takes away things which are light
Making them reach wherever they might.

Today, wind passed me by
On the way to something high.
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear
Felt good, having wind in my hair.

Ode to Little Treasures

Writing 201 Assignment
Prompt: Drawer
Form: Ode
Device: Apostrophe

I believe a lot can be known about a person by reading their creations especially poetry. Similarly a few things can be guessed about a person by going through their drawers! No m not kidding, this can rarely go wrong. But if someone wants to misguide you, then that’s a different case! 😉

By the way I know I’m late on the assignments sorry about that. But I wasn’t feeling very well. In fact, I wrote the last poem with a pounding headache which almost felt like a migraine. Also my internet connection is giving me a hard time. Still I’ll try and post remaining assignments soon. Anyway so now I don’t even know whether this one qualifies as an ode or not and whether I have used apostrophe properly or not. You decide. Lemme know! Enjoy! 🙂

PS: This one’s unedited (not in the best shape)! Kindly bear 😀

 Ode to Little Treasures

Can you keep a little secret?
Coz if you can, then lemme tell you mine.
About a special little palette
That’s filled with the most important colors, so very fine.
One place where I can keep them hidden from all.
I reach my hideout, first place I look.
I can tell what is where even with my eyes shut.
More often than not, here I find all solutions
What more shall I tell you about
Everything you will find here
Has a story of its own.
No matter it’s been kept in whichever zone.

Sadness is gone when I see the smiley ball.
Anger goes away when I hear my iPod
Feeling lonely?
The family of Teddy Bears come to the rescue
Huggy bear gives all the comfort I need
Beary bear takes all my worries away.
Gofer is a lucky charm, even though his color is blue
He doesn’t let me feel blue.
Siberian husky, although the mini version,
Is enough to bring back a huge smile across my face
Reminiscing about the fun time we spent
The child in me feels alive.

Oh look what I see! Blank pages?
Colorful pieces of graffiti!
Oh my little diary, how can I forget you.
You are the Jewel of the Nile.
The reason I fell in love with words.
My spiral mini writing pad, I keep with me a few
Most of them contain words of wisdom
You’ll find my collection of quotations.
Might even get a chance to look at my poetry
I wrote when I was younger
A fool for love I was
Which I’m still, but now I know better
At least, I would like to think so
As we all do! Don’t we?
So again, we’ll see.
C’est la vie.
La vie en rose isn’t meant to be.

Started feeling bitter?
Mini chocolate to the rescue
Ran out of the sin bar
Oreo will make you feel better.
That person was a genius
Who discovered cocoa.
All the brownies so chocolacious looking
Asks you every time, how you feeling
You’ll no longer feel grumpy
If you see the bear jumpy
All this makes me hearty happy!

What else didn’t I tell you about?
Maybe time to open up a little treasure.
This is my jewelry box, be gentle.
Handle with care, if you may
Some pieces are antique
A few even were souvenirs
Way to remember friends by.
Jewelry of all shapes and sizes and kind
You just can’t keep whatever you find!
All of them are close to my heart.
Even the funny friendship bracelets
Which I can’t ever wear
Or fashion police will kill me dear!

Call it attachment
Call it mania
Love the things I have
Miss the people who gave them
Love to have the memories
Few things might not define
Who I am or what I am
But they do tell I care
I won’t let anyone come in between us
I won’t grow apart
Of my life you’ll always be a part.
My Own
My Precious!

Collection of Fav Poems

Writing201: Poetry Potluck

So the hush hush assignment for the weekend is to share your most favorite poem. Right now two come to mind. Interestingly both are letters with the same theme. Love!

Eloisa to Abelard

This is the by far longest poem I ever came across! And yet so moving.
Basically sad.
Poem Form: Epistle.
Device: Couplet.
Most intriguing line/verse (for me) aka favorite part:
How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense,
And love th’ offender, yet detest th’ offence?
Most famous line/verse:
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;
I came across this poem through the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’.
If you read it closely, you will be able to feel the intense emotions involved.

Immortal Beloved

By Ludwig van Beethoven

images (3)

Beethoven’s mysterious love letters/poem. This is a rather cute one.

Most intriguing line/verse (for me) aka favorite part:

Your love made me the happiest and unhappiest at the same time.
Most famous line/verse:
Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.
Definitely one of the most romantic lines ever!

Other Favorite Verses

All of these have a special place in my heart since school time and have continued to intrigue and inspire me always. 🙂

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,

Mysterious Mist


Winter Mornings
Seldom a delight.
With the foggy blanket around,
It’s hard to even tell the time.

As I revisit my childhood,
Foggy memories appear.
Sprinkled with dew drops of happiness 
And few of sadness alike.

Day in day out
Thoughts come and go.
What will I lose next,
What haven’t I already lost?

Maybe someday.
Someone will solve the mystery,
In the misery
Of those misty eyes.

Prompt: Fog

Form: Elegy

Device: Metaphor

My Choice. My Story

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Morton’s Fork.”

A Morton’s Fork is a specious piece of reasoning in which contradictory arguments lead to the same (unpleasant) conclusion.

Thank you Wikipedia for telling me the meaning!! Yes, I googled the topic before writing about it, sue me!!

Now, to choose between reading others blog or writing my own, I would definitely pick writing own. Oh wait, reading… no no writing, for sure. Ok yeah, writing. Decided!! Pheww….tough call.

I choose Writing. As for the why part of the question, I would have to tell you a story. My story.

Since I was a kid, I love the English language as a subject. I didn’t care about other subjects, just the one. So I always got top score in that subject. Every year, every class. I loved reading all the stories in the text books given to us at the beginning of an academic year. I would go through all of them even before the teacher could get to them in class. The satisfaction… inexplicable!
One time I even remember, while reciting lines from the play ‘A Christmas Carol’, I got so excited, I displayed full emotions and got really dramatic, that even my crush turned around and looked at me in surprise! (I was otherwise the shy girl, who didn’t speak much.) Totally worth it!

But apart from reading, I used to love the writing assignments as well. And then in 10th Grade, I wrote my first diary entry. Since then for about three years, I used to write daily entries religiously, but then gradually it declined. Don’t worry, it didn’t take me long to realize how much I missed that! That’s why am here… duh!

Writing in any form is happiness for me. To be able to express myself in text form, knowing that this is how I feel, and a few more years down the line, I would be able to read it and know how I felt, how I used to be, how i used to think, how I have changed, and maybe will have a good laugh or two! Or get emotional. Either way, it is and always will be, PRECIOUS.

Behind every diary entry, every post, every poem I ever wrote, there is a story. Together, they make memories. To be able to keep that in a tangible form, readable format, is more than amazing. Its everything.

Although it’s true, reading others blog gives me inspiration, gives me an opportunity to get to know people from across the globe, even makes me a better writer. I agree, it is an experience: one of its own kind. But what’s the point if I am not able to write about that experience!

Hey, I can find other ways of reading about other people, please don’t make me leave blogging….

Coz Am Addicted !! (both to writing my own blog and reading some of the other blogs) 😛
So please don’t make me choose, even hypothetically !!