Have you ever experienced something which felt unreal? Ever felt what happened in reality was like a dream? I did. The past few days went by so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to pause and ponder that what is going on?! Like something which was forced over me. Some kind of evil power at work. i wasn’t able to think or use my head properly. Like it was some sort of dream and reality was different. I had lost my senses. Living in a bubble. Experienced another world, a different zone altogether. It was so creepy now that i think about it. How could i possibly let it happen? What made me blind? What made me paralyzed? What made me stop using my brain?

The whole matter went about in front of me like it was some sort of motion picture and i was a mere spectator. Now i want to slap myself for letting it happen in the first place. I wish i could go in time and fix everything, stop myself from doing what i accidentally let happen, just erasing everything i could. It just feels like the worst nightmare of all times. What was it? I was acting on some kind of imagination? Some fragment of my imagination popped out of my head and started dancing in front of me that i couldn’t judge right from wrong, truth from lie, real from imaginary! It felt just like I was hypnotized and someone else was controlling my actions and my brain as well. Surreal.

What could possibly be the logical explanation behind all this? I still am in shock; unable to believe it was all real. Such kind of incidents are not supposed to happen to good people. But then who made that rule? Who decides such stuff? Where and what is the truth? The quest continues…