Classic Bob Everyday

“Beautiful day to walk in the garden.” Bob seemed to think when he jumped up at me at 6 in the morning. Bob likes to give surprises as much as he loves to receive them. Bob who? Oh I didn’t tell you? Bob is my dog. Bob is a sweetheart. We got him from the pound. Everybody there used to call him that so we decided we will keep the name. He loves to hear his name too.

“Ok ok I’m up. Stop making a mess Bob.” At last, I gave in. “Don’t know what possessed this dog today, so much energy?” I thought.

“Out of the room now. I’m coming. Stay away from the study table or else you’ll spill the ink…” And it’s already done.

Bob ran out of the room; he knew he would get a scolding otherwise.

10 minutes later, I had to let him out. He was continuously barking at the door and the window alternately.

Must be the mail man. Bob hates that guy. Once he chased the mail man around the block for an hour. The mail man wears skates now.

I let him out and then went to the kitchen to get some food for both of us.

Thankfully there were some left over pan-cakes. I reheated them and ate them with maple syrup.

“Better wash this plate or else Bob would come looking for it.” I told myself.

After taking some dog-food for him, I went outside to check the mail box. But it was empty. And Bob was still barking at frequent intervals.

“Look at you sitting here comfortably. Why are you barking at the tree? Yeah you wont tell I know. Classic Bob.”

After looking around a bit, I finally spotted a Blue-Jay bird sitting on the middle branch.

“Oh boy! That bird is so gorgeous! Been a while, haven’t spotted one of these in a long time. Come on Bob, leave the Blue-Jay alone. The poor bird will not steal your food!”

Ok, time’s up. Otherwise, I was gonna tell you about The Big Bang Theory Episode where Sheldon is afraid of birds (Blue-Jay was at his window.) Sheldon tried to scare the bird away by making cat sounds and drawings. Then tries to keep it as a pet but it eventually flies away.

In this story, I was gonna tell you, Bob would have been compared to Sheldon, which Bob doesn’t like and when he is still not able to scare the bird away, I would have said: “I knew I should’ve gotten a cat.” 😉

Yeah, and Bob Cat sounds so much better than Bob Dog, doesn’t it? 😀

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”
Challenge: You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob.

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Written in response to Poetry 101 Rehab: Prompt – Recycle

Dance It Out

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Just last week at a family function – which is a kind of get-together – and of course here in India, we have those quite often. We just need a reason, and sometimes even make one up to throw a party or get-together. Ah, and don’t you just love such relatives….
So anyway there was nothing much to do at the function. Me and two of my cousins decided to hit the dance floor. Didn’t even care about having food (I was kinda hungry and grumpy – well bad mood can do it to you!), didn’t care that it was freezing cold, we were outside – in peak winter, under the night sky, and even the bonfire couldn’t stop us from going away in the direction of the sound of music!

We were out there enjoying the music, feeling happy and care free, just dancing away like no one was watching. Just so you know there was a video-camera guy capturing everything and I hate such things; I call them “the party poppers”!! Even they couldn’t stop me from having my share of fun. 🙂


Dance it out. Yup, that’s the way to rejuvenate for me. Of course it’s not a coincidence that I’m a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan! I hope Grey’s fans would agree with me about the theory of dancing it out or having a 30 second dance party…  And I genuinely love listening to dance music to lift my mood and spirits up, singing along and then actually dancing to those tunes (since always, i.e. way before I got to know about “dance it out”). And oh my, believe me, it is refreshing, rejuvenating, exhilarating and what not!!!!

So go ahead, tune in to some dance music, funny/happy songs or something, and there you have it! You would feel your mood getting lighter and your feet tapping away to the beats of the rhythm.
Just go with the flow baby. Just dance it out !! 😉

serenity and nothing more

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”

is it wrong to feel at peace?
is it so wrong to find comfort in numbing silence?
is it wrong to say ‘Tranquility’ out loud?
is it wrong to enjoy a little ‘Serenity’?

when someone hurts you
and then leaves
going away with so much zeal…
disposing the memories in junk machine
what is left?
serenity and nothing else

when i was happy
you were not.
never gave it much of a thought
didn’t bother then
so don’t bother now
lemme show you how

emptiness that you created
made it easier to appreciate,
things which i ignored before
things which demand more
more of me
me, myself and i
so don’t ask why
what i want?
serenity and nothing more

let me be me
by my side
the ocean rocks and tide
no no it is still quiet

a moment here
a moment there
wherever you asked
i was always there

now its my time
its my life
only me
only i
by the shore
tranquility and nothing else
what i want?
serenity and nothing more
serenity and nothing more