White Bird In A Blizzard (2014)

White Bird In A Blizzard (2014) – Review

I liked the title, clever use of alliteration and metaphor combined together. Catchy. The movie is a running metaphor in a way. You will figure it out eventually.

Based on a novel of same name, by Laura Kasischke.

“I was 17 when my mother disappeared.” So this is the story of a teenage girl and her mother. And when the mother goes AWOL, we get to see how it affects the daughter.

Shailene Woodley – The daughter Katrina (Kat). She is also the narrator. I watched this movie coz I liked her in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.

Eva Green – the mother (Mrs. Connor). Who goes missing.

Story is set in 1988.

Initially when Kat finds out about her mom, she stays calm, normal. How can she be so cool about her mom suddenly disappearing? She should be freaking out!! But then later, she begins having some recurring nightmares about her mom in trouble…in the blizzard.
All throughout the movie, Kat keeps remembering the things in the past, how her mother used to be and how she changed, became an alcoholic and sadist or something. And how Kat’s parents were unhappy in their marriage. She figures that that was the reason her mom left.

Her dad makes her see a shrink; so that she could talk about her repressed feelings. She is seen in therapy and later with some pills too. Poor girl.

She even told about those dreams to the shrink…. But the shrink said, dreams don’t necessarily mean anything. It’s just a way for your brain to let off steam at the end of the day. Is it so now?! I don’t think so!!

And her stupid idiotic boyfriend Phil is of no help either… I mean he says things like “vicious CIRCUS” for God’s sake! He is trash. She says she knows he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box; to which her friend replies: that’s the understatement of the century… and I was like, I so agree with you!!

Haha it just makes sense his nick name is “Garbage” LOL

I swear I wrote the trash word for him before I knew his nickname!!!!!!!

So ya he was of no use coz he stopped having sex with Kat which was so weird. Then she even went on to seduce the detective on this case, and slept with him! Perhaps her mother’s disappearance was a shock to her and this is the way she responded.

Flashback till spring of 1991. Kat was narrating it to her college roommate.

That’s like half the movie. But on and off there are flashbacks throughout.

From there starts the thriller part. Well a subtle thriller I would say. Didn’t feel like it in the beginning. It was all drama and sex and nudity before.

And even this is flashback. As Kat is again narrating this entire story, apparently, to some unknown person! Or to herself?! No idea.


Initially Kat was playing it cool. She claimed she was not bothered at all when her mother disappeared. You might think that was because her mother wasn’t exactly a role model for a parent. It seems that she was jealous of Kat maybe. This is not good. I mean no mother can ever get jealous of her own daughter….beats me.

But in my opinion, Kat was in denial when she didn’t react at all. Also, the way her mother had become, must be only coz of the frustration of not being able to have a fulfilling sex life, and that’s the reason she was jealous of Kat. You know, as she was just a teenager and yet she had a better sex life than Mrs. Connor!

Sooner than later, Kat begins to think about where her mom really went. And this really begins to bother her. Nightmares were already bothering her a bit. She breaks down and decides she wants to know what actually happened.

And gradually as we get to see the flashbacks, we learn something new each time. I don’t wanna spoil anything so won’t say much.

And the climax was totally unexpected.

The movie has some uncomfortable moments. Some words might make you uneasy (excessive use of the F word). Some comparisons are totally unnecessary. Like Kat losing her virginity being compared to her mom’s disappearance. Just like that. In a jiffy. Crazy logic!

Depressing movie. But also makes you realize that no matter how close you are to a person, be it your own family, you can’t claim to know them completely. There are always elements of surprises, shock even, that you can’t ever imagine, even in your wildest dreams….

Nothing new in the story, apart from the twist at the end. Average performances. Although nice screenplay by the director Gregg Araki. Unnecessary nudity. Fucked up family. Not much of a treat. 6/10


ESCAPE PLAN (2013) – Review

Stallone, Schwarzenegger

The plot looks brilliant. Stallone is an escape master/genius/expert. He can escape any and every prison ever built by man. He has a record of escaping 14 prisons till now.  This is done to check the authenticity and whether or not every prison in the country, escape proof.

He takes up a new mission where everything is a secret. None of his allies know his location since its a highest security secret prison which is apparently not government run and is privately funded (“the shadow world”).

That prison looks unbelievable. The most high tech prison ever – one could say. Everything looks amazing and scary. Everything is computerized and only has electronic access. The prisoners are kept in a small cubicle which is entirely transparent.  Even the dress worn by the prisoners has a barcode on it! Guards wear masks, warden doesn’t. Basically, its the new age hell with all the gadgets and weapons you can think of…more like it seems like real people are trapped in a video game! Nobody could or would be able to get out of there by the looks of it….at least not alive!! But then enters Schwarzenegger, half an hour into the movie, and oh boy, what an entry! The game is about to change.

What follows is a number of failed attempts to get out of the man made inferno, which is by far the most complicated and complex puzzle ever for Stallone. He has no outside help, hence no points for guessing, Schwarzenegger becomes the help. A mysterious thriller ride showcasing various torture methods, prison life, and ways to escape, also telling the basic escape plan which can be applied anywhere.

Since we already know its a trap set up for Stallone to keep him there forever, its gonna be worth a watch to see whether he manages to get out alone or with Schwarzenegger. Or even manages to get out of there ever. Surely a surprise element is waiting for you…

Great storyline, nicely directed, background score keeps you hooked on, brilliant acting undoubtedly, and the suspense? Well, you will end up saying “didn’t see that coming!” just like Stallone!!…

A must watch, if you find mystery/thriller kind of flicks interesting. 7 out of 10.