50 Word Stories

My Lucky Charm

“You gotta hold my hand always?” Angrily, Suzy pushed Kyle away.
Realizing a car was approaching from behind, she pulled him back, hugged him and said, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry Kyle.” 

“That’s why I’ve to hold your hand; to say how lucky I’m to have you.” Said Kyle.

(Prompt: Luck)


The Beach

People think night-life on the beach is so glamorous. The night parties, crackling sound of bonfire, couples dancing and singing around it: what’s not to like!

But if they saw me sitting here on this rock, all by myself, then I’d like to know, how glamorous does this look?

(Prompt: Crackle)


Again for The 50-Word Story Challenge.
I know, even I don’t like the 2nd one.
But this is what I wrote.
Thanks for reading.