A Good Day

Well surprise surprise!! It’s going to be a month since I started this blog and today I got this notification of 100 total likes… That was absolutely unexpected!

So I would like to thank each one of you for liking my posts and giving me a reason to keep going. Thank you 🙂


I know it’s not a big deal for all the seasoned and veteran bloggers out there, but for me, it means I gotta take this blog seriously!

And I hope I will be able to give you all a reason to stick around.

Happy Reading !! 🙂

Little Raindrops.

Silly Poem (Part Three)

One Little Raindrop

On My Head

Two Little Raindrops

On My Hand


More Little Raindrops

Keep Falling

On The Land


Habitual Habit

“Old Habits Die Hard.”

Breaking an old habit becomes easy when we know what we are dealing with. Problem arises only when we are not able to gauge what exactly are we trying to resolve. But these days, with such hectic schedules and busy lives, we tend to ignore our own behavior and fail to analyze the patterns of what we do and why we keep doing it.

We all have one such habit in common. Some are aware, others happily ignorant about it.

Let’s find out what it is…

We all meet new people. We tend to like some, tend to hate some (repulsive kind) and some don’t matter at all (can be ignored or invisible kind). In short, we take the first impressions way too seriously.
They say: “never judge a book by its cover”, but let’s face it. It’s easier to spot an attractive cover and instant likeness is inevitable. What’s inside the book is a different story altogether! (pun intended!)

We never really give it a thought. Are we wrong? Are we biased? Is it too soon to decide?

And we never really sit down to check what we have been doing all along; and more importantly, why.

There has to be a certain quality, a certain gesture, way of talking or even dressing style that we notice the most in people (usually in the first/second meetings) and one or more of such things become a part our “Likability” checklist. So what it takes for somebody in order to impress us or for us to like them is actually a set of likable characteristics, functionally programmed by our unconscious brain over a long period of time. In fact, we keep updating this checklist by adding and or subtracting suitable characteristics from time to time. The logic is similar to ‘why we develop a change in taste over time’ or ‘the change in level of maturity’ or simply a part of growing up.

Yes, you guessed it right! The habit we are talking about here is “Judgment”.  Each and every one of us has this habit. Some know the reasons behind every judgment of theirs and some find it offensive if they are tagged as “being judgmental”! Everybody does it and hence there is a popular concept of “first impressions”.  And as they say “first impression is the last impression”, so everybody tries to impress everybody else in the best possible way. But this is not in our hands that whether the other person will like us or not. It just happens, we can only be at our best behavior and rest is destiny. But what actually is in our control is what we think of others and how quickly or how aptly can we figure out the other person (in order to make a correct judgment).

The point is, how well we know ourselves and our own process of reasoning. Once we analyze that, we would know how not to wrongly judge a person in order to remain unbiased towards them.


So yeah, take your time, get to know a person, don’t believe what others say, don’t see the world through another person’s glasses and form your own opinions.

Unless you are interviewing people to hire them. Then just ignore this post !!

Hey, exceptions are always there. Take care !! 😉


I don’t know you anymore
I can’t judge you anymore.
Things you do, things you do not
They should really concern me not.

Its not you, its me
Always been, always will be.
That moment I would never forget
No matter how much I do regret.

However messed up it was
I don’t wanna hear it all.
It was there
It was rare
Only if you played fair.
Yes it was all so real
Faking it sounds like an ordeal

No matter what you say
There would come a day
Desire, dream or whatever it may seem
How many chances could one redeem.

This won’t go on forever
You know we could be together
In the perfect world or so
People come people go
Only memories stay along
Let’s not sing this song.

Dance It Out

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Just last week at a family function – which is a kind of get-together – and of course here in India, we have those quite often. We just need a reason, and sometimes even make one up to throw a party or get-together. Ah, and don’t you just love such relatives….
So anyway there was nothing much to do at the function. Me and two of my cousins decided to hit the dance floor. Didn’t even care about having food (I was kinda hungry and grumpy – well bad mood can do it to you!), didn’t care that it was freezing cold, we were outside – in peak winter, under the night sky, and even the bonfire couldn’t stop us from going away in the direction of the sound of music!

We were out there enjoying the music, feeling happy and care free, just dancing away like no one was watching. Just so you know there was a video-camera guy capturing everything and I hate such things; I call them “the party poppers”!! Even they couldn’t stop me from having my share of fun. 🙂


Dance it out. Yup, that’s the way to rejuvenate for me. Of course it’s not a coincidence that I’m a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan! I hope Grey’s fans would agree with me about the theory of dancing it out or having a 30 second dance party…  And I genuinely love listening to dance music to lift my mood and spirits up, singing along and then actually dancing to those tunes (since always, i.e. way before I got to know about “dance it out”). And oh my, believe me, it is refreshing, rejuvenating, exhilarating and what not!!!!

So go ahead, tune in to some dance music, funny/happy songs or something, and there you have it! You would feel your mood getting lighter and your feet tapping away to the beats of the rhythm.
Just go with the flow baby. Just dance it out !! 😉

serenity and nothing more

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”

is it wrong to feel at peace?
is it so wrong to find comfort in numbing silence?
is it wrong to say ‘Tranquility’ out loud?
is it wrong to enjoy a little ‘Serenity’?

when someone hurts you
and then leaves
going away with so much zeal…
disposing the memories in junk machine
what is left?
serenity and nothing else

when i was happy
you were not.
never gave it much of a thought
didn’t bother then
so don’t bother now
lemme show you how

emptiness that you created
made it easier to appreciate,
things which i ignored before
things which demand more
more of me
me, myself and i
so don’t ask why
what i want?
serenity and nothing more

let me be me
by my side
the ocean rocks and tide
no no it is still quiet

a moment here
a moment there
wherever you asked
i was always there

now its my time
its my life
only me
only i
by the shore
tranquility and nothing else
what i want?
serenity and nothing more
serenity and nothing more

Men, Women & Children (2014)

Men, Women & Children (2014) – Review

Discover How Little You Know,
About The People You Know

Men, women and children – all react differently in similar or different circumstances. To add to that confusion, we have got technology! All sorts of gadgets, inventions, internet itself pose great problems; some of which can be seen or predicted, while others are just unimaginable. Just as everything has its pros and cons, so does technology. It can help in communication and certain situations but where social media and virtual world is concerned, it can mostly add to troubles and disharmony in all kinds of relationships.

The movie revolves around the lives of a bunch of high school teenage students and their parents. Tim Mooney the football star quits the team. Tim (played by Ansel Elgort whom I just loved in the movie like i loved him in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’) is faced with a lot of criticism for his decision from everyone and loses his friends too. He starts interacting with a girl Brandy (played by Kaitlyn Dever) whose mom Patricia (Jennifer Garner) takes the expression “tracking your children online” way too seriously. Don and Helen Truby (Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt respectively) are parents trapped in a sex-less marriage. And two-three more story lines are there. All are intertwined and cross each other’s path because of the same high school the kids go to. The movie takes a look at how the lives of these people (they themselves, their relationships and love life), is being affected by the Internet. “Everyone is searching for a better connection.” (Another tagline)

The movie has a weird and bizarre beginning. Initially I thought the title could have been better but it is based on a novel of same name by Chad Kultgen. So in the movie there is someone in the background narrating the story line; I thought it is a documentary style thing, but then I realised that’s the sound of the narrator we have on all our computers! Quite apt to the theme, must say. That is the level up to which our lives have become dependent on the technology. This comedy-drama film is directed by Jason Reitman who has done a decent job. The ensemble cast, each and everyone in the movie is convincing and have strong on-screen presence. Everyone has done full justice to their roles and gave a real feel to the characters with which the audience can connect.


Watching this movie, made me realize a lot of things:

[This might be a drag; a lot of people might not gather this much from the movie, this is solely my perception and inference]

  1. I don’t know everything about everything! : discovered various short forms, had to look up certain things for reference, gained knowledge about an online role-playing game (world of warcraft) which I think was talked about a lot in big bang theory; but I never really bothered. The impacts this game could have on teenagers (even adults) – is a different debate altogether.
  2. School is tough on everyone: no matter whether you are the most popular, most unpopular or just a regular student, every teenager is struggling. Every teenager has pressure of one thing or the other. And it’s not related to studies at all.
  3. Too much porn could lead to ED : well that could have been subjective; but one shouldn’t take the risk. Right now I am avoiding explaining this in detail. (explained in the movie though!)
  4. Loneliness attracts loneliness : if a person is alone and they see another loner; they are likely to bond. Might be the understanding of each other’s situation angle, or something, but it sure happens. A lot.
  5. Teenagers want to lose their virginity, just for the heck of it : pretty self-explanatory, but I wonder if this applies to teenagers all over the world and not just America? So yes that gives us the problem of teenage pregnancy.
  6. Sex isn’t everything : in a relationship, other things are important – connection, understanding, conversations, bonding, feeling of ‘being at peace’ when you are with your significant other, knowing when the other needs you and being there, and most importantly, having so much trust in your partner that you are comfortable being yourself in front of them.
  7. Parenting is awful lot difficult, much more than it seems to be : knowing what’s good and what’s bad, when to be a friend and when to behave like a parent again, making choices on their behalf, taking decisions, how much is too much?, where to draw the line?, keep a check all the time, when to let go and when to hold on tight; doing all this plus own work plus house work, and being sane – all at the same time.wow!
  8. Not every person is a monster on the internet : ought to keep this in mind while trying to protect your daughter from the cyber bullies/crimes/bad guys.
  9. Not everything is meant for the internet : although this I already knew, but haven’t known always (or forget sometimes?). So a good point to mention.
  10. Intimacy in marriage is highly required : not only sex, intimacy plays an important role in keeping alive a marriage. The little things that eventually lead to sex? Yeah, don’t stop doing them just because it’s been hell lot of years to your marriage. Try and keep the spark alive, rekindle all the magic you always have had. Try out new things or at least don’t stop doing the old ones! Most of the issues can be resolved through discussion. If it doesn’t work, try again and always think of the consequences or chances of getting caught if any time ‘cheating’ crosses you mind. Just make sure you make them feel SPECIAL always.
  11. Don’t ignore the real life (RL) people for virtual ones: just because you have access to internet/social media, doesn’t mean you should ignore the people in front of you in RL.
  12. Communicate. Face to face. : Due to technology and addiction to chatting, people have forgotten how it’s like to have a real conversation. So if you don’t talk, you don’t get to know the person. Hence the very apt tagline.

Besides this, as they say “excess of everything is bad”; same rule applies to technology as well. We have to do our own moral policing and set limits (for children as well). Control is very important. That’s the only way we can save ourselves and our loved ones.

This movie is so underrated.

I would call this movie an eye opener on how technology (internet) has screwed up our lives more than it has helped to make it better.

A must watch. I am going to give this movie 9/10