The Monthly Ketch-Up

Hi guys! 🙂

Another month went by! Time to write The Monthly Ketch-Up (catch-up) of my blog again. Yes, like last month, I am going to tell you all about what I did in the last month, listing my star posts and activities etc. Let’s begin!

The Monthly Ketch-Up : February 2015

So I have been blogging for 2 months now. Feels great! Although this month I didn’t make so many posts (around 15 only). But got some more likes and follows, so been pretty great. Again a big thanks to you guys. You are awesome! 🙂

In Feb, I was not able to make posts for a few days, I was busy with other things (mostly attending weddings!) and not to mention the Valentine week of course…(ahem ahem…lame excuse for a person who’s single!) 😛
But the good news is, I finished the Writing 201 course which I signed up for here, which has made me better at writing poetry! Pretty awesome, right? 😉
Here’s the list of poems I wrote during the poetry course:

  1. I, Me & Myself : Wrote a Tanka on Water using Simile.
  2. The Butterfly Effect : A Limerick on Journey using Alliteration. (Also includes a sketch by me) 🙂
  3. Mind Games : An Acrostic on Trust using Internal Rhyme.
  4. Wish For A Star Fish : A Concrete Poem on Animal using Enjambment. 
  5. Mysterious Mist : An Elegy on Fog using Metaphor.
  6. Fav Poems : Poetry Potluck – verses from my favorite poems.
  7. Just One Touch : A Prose Poem on Fingers using Assonance.
  8. Ode to Little Treasures : An Ode on Drawer using Apostrophe.
  9. On The Go : Poetry on Landscape using Enumeratio.
  10. Future Calling : A Sonnet on Future using Chiasmus.

You can click on the name of the poems to read them.

Apart from these, I added two more parts to my Silly Poem Series. Six parts so far.

I could only write one Movie Review in Feb. It was for White Bird in a Blizzard.

Also wrote a post for Daily Prompt “Morton’s Fork”. My Choice, My Story is about why I love writing, a little background story/flashback. I am sure you will enjoy reading this, some of you might even relate. 🙂

For Next Month :

I would surely continue my Silly Poem series, and will try to write a few more poems. Also, since I wasn’t able to finish blogging101 course last month, so I certainly hope to finish that in March. Maybe one or two movie reviews as I am planning to watch movies now.

So Stay Tuned,

Keep Smiling 🙂


Keep Reading! 😀

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